What Mothers Didn’t Expect When They Were Expecting

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Crazy for Milk, Kathryn Michaels’ book unveils the unspoken story of a wife confronted with breastfeeding, a new baby and motherhood.

Crazy for Milk

Crazy for Milk, a Bedroom Secrets novel

"I wanted to be ready.
I had thought I was ready.
I really believed I was ready.
That is, until the milk came."
- Crazy for Milk

Author Kathryn Michaels reveals the confessions of a new mother obsessed with lactation, as she struggles to maintain the perfect balance between the needs of her newborn, her husband and herself in “Crazy for Milk”. It is the memoir of a millennium mom who has to juggle her career ambitions, her duties as a wife and her own expectations of being a perfect mother. Faced with the necessity of returning to the work force not long after she delivers, she is determined to continue breastfeeding her baby, despite the toll it takes on her health and her marriage.

Far fetched? Not really.

Women with children are entering the workforce in greater numbers than ever before, with 70.5% of them being in the labour force in the United States. In 1975, only four out of every ten mothers with a child younger than age 6 held a paid job. Now, the ratio has increased to seven out of every ten millennium moms. According to the Pew Research Center, 86% of working mothers say they “sometimes/ frequently” feel stressed.

So why read this book?

“Crazy for Milk" was written to help expectant moms better prepare for the mental and physical impact to their marriage from the newborn baby – it discusses the emotional and physical aspects of childbirth often not covered in any pregnancy books. It is the story, the author wishes she could tell her daughters when they are expecting their first baby, but she fears as a mother, she may never find the right time to say it to them.

Kathryn Michael's first reality-inspired novel, Crazy for Milk, takes the reader through the journey of a millennium mom as she tries to be the everything to everyone – the perfect wife, mother and employee – and her experiences as she learns to deal with physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, guilt, intimacy, loneliness and fear. The question the book poses is, “How does a millennium mom juggle all the internal and external expectations without losing herself?”

Kathryn Michaels is the author of Bedroom Secrets, a reality-inspired series about millennium moms. Her books are released by Islandreamz Publishing and are available on Amazon, at http://www.amazon.com/Kathryn-Michaels/e/B00AQKP6Y4. For more information about “Crazy For Milk” or Kathryn Michaels, please log on to http://www.writemekathryn.com/. Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary copy by contacting the publisher, Islandreamz Publishing at (416-275-5195.

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