“What Men Want Women to Know…100 Revelations” by Author Ken Jolivet Released on Amazon.com

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Relationships author Ken Jolivet has released his latest book titled “What Men Want Women to Know…100 Revelations” on Amazon.com.

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What Men want Women to Know, by Ken Jolivet

He wants to be your hero and he wants to retain an air of authority and credibility.

The newest book from relationships author Ken Jolivet titled “What Men Want Women to Know…100 Revelations,” (10-10-10 Publishing, $14.99) was released in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.com May 16, with a foreword by New York Times best-selling author Raymond Aaron.

After countless hours of research and conversations with a variety of men from all walks of life and ranging in age from their early twenties to their mid-fifties, Jolivet wrote “What Men Want Women to Know” specifically     for women as a guide to understanding what men actually want and need in a loving, lasting relationship.

Jolivet’s unwillingness to write within today’s “politically correct” parameters lends to the book’s raw message, one he believes is necessary to accurately convey the way men think to an audience of women.

“I recognize the book isn’t politically correct, and that’s the whole point,” Jolivet says. “I want to give you the bitter pill for the sake of the health of your relationship.

“It really is given with good intent; it’s up to you to take it or leave it.”

With chapter titles such as “He’ll Die for You, But He’s Still Going to Look at Other Women,” “Men Like a Challenge, Not Being Challenged by Their Lady” and “Men Pee Standing Up,” Jolivet plunges into territory women ordinarily avoid to expose the biological and societal makeup of the masculine gender. In doing so, he offers some insight on their nature (“he’s a dog”), their mindset (“at times, you’re his second mother”), and their natural tendency to rule their environment (“he’s the king who needs a loving queen by his side”).

Jolivet encourages women to keep reading with an open mind, since the book’s message is one of establishing a better understanding of their partner. Each individual woman can take this information and apply it in her own relationship as she sees fit. Jolivet hopes that readers who are genuinely motivated by the desire to establish and maintain a happy, healthy relationship with the man she loves will benefit from a better understanding of the gender’s perspective.

“Most women understand that men have a need to be respected and admired by the woman they love,” Jolivet says. “She doesn’t have to go overboard, but her efforts need to be genuine and consistent.

“He wants to be your hero and he wants to retain an air of authority and credibility; he wants to appear confident, knowledgeable and in control.”

For women who are quick to brush off the significance of traditional “stereotypes” of men, women, and their differences, Jolivet wrote the book in a way that gently but firmly reminds the reader that, like it or not, the genders have their differences. Once women open themselves up to learning more about the way men really do think and feel, this level of understanding will have a significant impact on the quality of their relationships.

Ultimately, “What Men Want Women to Know” is written to arm women with a level of perception that allows her to relax and enjoy a harmonious, lifelong partnership. Considering the fact that men and women are willing to adjust their speech, behavior and expectations to maintain harmony in other valuable relationships such as with parents, coworkers and friends, why would it be different in a romantic relationship?

Jolivet’s organic tour of what men are really thinking can, like it or not, benefit women who are willing to open their minds to a male point of view.

For more information, and to request a free copy of one of Jolivet’s two E-books: “Why Men Cheat: 12 Main Causes” (Feb 2013) or “How to Attract Women: 13 Things Women Want from Men” (Feb 2013), visit Jolivet’s website.

To order Jolivet’s new book, go to “What Men Want Women to Know…100 Revelations” at Amazon.com, or email ken(at)kenjolivet(dot)com.

About the Author:
Kenneth T. Jolivet was raised in the United States and has spent most of his adult life in Europe. Jolivet has traveled to five of the seven continents, visited dozens of countries and lived in Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the U.K. Formerly married for 21 years and the father of two grown sons, Jolivet earned four academic degrees and more than $1 million in real estate before age 40. Divorced at age 43, Jolivet dated women from more than 50 countries. Through extensive research, real life experiences and unwavering commitment, he authored two books and two E-books on relationship building, earning a reputation as an expert in the field.

In addition to “What Men Want Women To Know: 100 Revelations”, Jolivet has authored three other books on relationships: “Make Sure She's Worth It!: Your Money and Your Heart Are Just the Start” (Nov 15, 2011); “Why Men Cheat: 12 Main Causes” (Feb 2013, E-book, Kindle edition); and “How to Attract Women: 13 Things Women Want from Men” (Feb 2013, E-book, Kindle edition).

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