Kids Education for Number Sense Introduces 2 New Classroom Kits Customized for Pre-School and Kindergarten Learning

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KENS Math Programs Now Available Through Redleaf Press and

Teacher with students

A teacher teaches a small group of students number combinations using foamies.

KENS Math allows for a better understanding of the concepts being taught that particular week. It also helps aid confidence in testing due to their understanding of the concept.

Young People’s Press today announced that it has added two new classroom kits created specifically for pre-school and kindergarten education to its collection of Kids Education for Number Sense (KENS Math) programs. The KENS Math Pre-School Kit and Small Group Kit include lesson plans, manipulatives and fun math games that focus on developing the key skills for number sense and math readiness. For the first time, KENS Math kits and products are now available for purchase through Redleaf Press and

“Pre-schoolers and kindergarteners are at the perfect age to begin number sense skill building. Research shows that introducing number sense concepts to students who are three, four and five years old will help them build a solid math foundation that will help them all the way through the third grade,” said Dr. Ken Newbury, Ph.D. and author of Kids’ Education for Number Sense.“The KENS Math Pre-School Kit and Small Group Kit provide the essential materials teachers need to teach number sense in a one-on-one setting or to small groups.”

Each kit comes in a carrying case and is available for the M.S.R.P. of $105.50. The kits include the following materials:

KENS Math Pre-School Kit

  •     Teacher's edition lesson plans and resource masters
  •     Subitizing flash card – 3 decks each of levels 1-5
  •     3 wooden number lines with sliding bead
  •     18 foamies
  •     30 game pieces for three players
  •     4 teacher number lines with lion marker
  •     120's chart

KENS Math Small Group Kit

  •     Teacher's edition lesson plans and resource masters
  •     Subitizing flash card - 1 deck each of levels 1-12
  •     5 wooden number lines with sliding bead
  •     30 foamies
  •     50 game pieces for 5 players
  •     4 teacher number lines with lion marker
  •     120's chart

The KENS Math Pre-School and Small Group Kits are flexible and can be used in a traditional classroom format, in centers, at home and for structured peer-assisted learning. The program addresses pre-school, transitional kindergarten and kindergarten capabilities making it a good fit for daycare and Head Start centers, as well as public and private pre-school and kindergarten programs. The program aligns with the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the Curriculum Focal Points articulated by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Dickinson school district, near Houston, Texas, began teaching the Kids Education for Number Sense program in all their pre-school and kindergarten classes in the 2012/2013 school year. Many teachers have reported that as a result their student’s have a better understanding of number sense skills than previous classes of students.

“I love the subitizing aspect and the number sense that we practice with the foamies (manipulatives). I found that my students grasped higher-level concepts, like addition, subtraction and even number families, quicker when they were introduced later on in the year,” said Amy McClellan, kindergarten teacher at San Leon Elementary in Dickinson, Texas. “My students’ favorite time was when we got to subitize. They love the program and were eager to do it when it was time.”

Teachers also noted in their observation reports that the KENS Math manipulatives and number lines kept students engaged and were very effective for visual learners. Allison Calderon, a kindergarten teacher at Calder Road Elementary School in Dickinson adds, “KENS Math allows for a better understanding of the concepts being taught that particular week. It also helps aid confidence in testing due to their understanding of the concept.”

The KENS Math methodology focuses on the development of three essential number sense skills:
1)    Subitizing – the ability to see a set of objects instantly without counting. Subitizing skills allow students to process math equations quicker and avoid mistakes common to counting.

2)    Constructing and deconstructing number combinations – building, understanding and processing traditional math facts like 2 + 2 = 4.

3)    Recognizing number magnitude using number lines – an understanding of number lines helps children estimate and develop an effective memory for numbers.

As children practice these skills, they are training their brains to quickly identify sets of numbers, know how numbers relate to each other and solve traditional mathematical equations. Mastery of number sense skills are essential to the development of basic math skills including addition and subtraction. Proficiency in number sense also frees children from relying on finger counting which often leads to mistakes and slows students down as they progress to more challenging math work.

To buy KENS Math programs and products, or for more information about number sense please visit

About Young People’s Press
Young People’s Press is devoted to the education and personal development of children in preschool through eighth grade. Through the development of high-quality educational materials and books, Young People’s Press has been serving the education market for nearly 20 years. The company’s educational materials are aligned with how students learn and interact with each other, and are based on academic, classroom and behavioral research.

The company offers educational materials and lesson plans for the language arts and most recently introduced Kids’ Education for Number Sense (KENS Math). KENS Math is an exciting and rewarding program that helps early learners develop a deeply rooted number sense, a key indicator of future math success, and gives educators the tools and the inspiration to teach it. Young People’s Press also offers a wide collection of books that teach positive character development through enriching stories and beautiful art work that represent diverse global cultures. Themes focus on responsibility, respect, courtesy and many other character attributes that help children establish a rich foundation for social and emotional development. More information about Young People’s Press and its products is available at

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