Keyword Research Alert: Internet DNA Code Unraveled

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Internet businesses can now access a new level of information to find exactly what people search for and type into the Search Engines so as to better enhance search engine placement.

This is not just the old version with its training wheels removed... NicheBOT v2 is keyword research with a damned ballistic missile strapped on its back! And with constant user feedback, it's only going to continuously improve and get more expansive over time.

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The Internet as a whole is built upon information. At the very root of that information are the individual words that make up the content on each and every web page. The words are what search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN catalog and feed off of so they can return the most relevant search results possible.

When someone types a phrase like "pros and cons of stem cell research" into a popular search engine and hit the "Search" button, they anticipate to get truly relevant results of web pages that gives pros and cons on the topic.

To an online business owner, each unique combination of words, or "keywords" as they are known, can translate into a free search engine listing for that company. The kind of website traffic a top 10 search engine listing for a particular keyword is very akin to having a paid Yellow Pages listing in the offline business world.

According to, the Internet has doubled in size since May 2004. They also reported that the number of sites on the Internet in November 2006 topped over 100 million. But even more amazing is the fact that over 28 million sites were added in the recent 11 months.

To add to the alarming rate of growth the Internet is experiencing, gave further insight into website visitor behavior and concluded 83% of people who made an online purchase began with a keyword search.

This translates into the fact that over 3 out of every 4 consumers will begin an online purchase by inputting a keyword phrase into a popular search engine such as Yahoo!, Google and MSN.

With the advent of keyword research services such as WordTracker and Keyword Discovery that actually acquire and store search engine logs, it is now possible to peer into the global mind and find exactly what people are searching for.

However, when subscribing to one of the major keyword services, the user is confined to the data set contained at each service.

There is now a new way for smart business owners to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors by gaining access to the data at all the major keyword databases conveniently located in one web interface.

This comes in the form of the re-launch of a 2.5 year old site called The subscription based site provides a comprehensive suite of tools that thousands of businesses and individual entrepreneurs use to get a crystal clear picture of exactly what keyword phrases Internet users are typing into the search box of their favorite Search Engine. The acquired keyword information can then be used to better plan future website promotion.

Unlike most keyword services that only provide access to one database, NicheBOT provides access to all the big three important keyword databases such as WordTracker, Keyword Discovery and Overture, among others, without requiring multiple subscriptions. Offering multiple databases allows its users to easily cross-compare the data in one interface.

NicheBOT then provides keyword analysis tools such as its WordTrendâ„¢ keyword tool that instantly draws members a line chart picture of the monthly search demand trends for words and phrases over the last 12-month period. These visual keyword charts are much like a stock market graph or report. Without getting too technical, a video presentation is available at

This tool offers comparative analysis that to date no other service or software has provided.

When NicheBOT first launched in May of 2004, it was a free, easy-to-use interface providing access to tools already available elsewhere on the Internet. Over time and with user aided feedback, it has grown and functionality has been added to the point where a team of programmers were contracted to completely rebuild the infrastructure from scratch into an enterprise level platform it is today.

According to founder Jim Morris, "This is not just the old version with its training wheels removed... NicheBOT v2 is keyword research with a damned ballistic missile strapped on its back! And with constant user feedback, it's only going to continuously improve and get more expansive over time."

Besides its amazing functionality, NicheBOT is also unique in that members receive premium credits in return for their affordable monthly access fee. What is unique about this system is that unused monthly premium credits do not simply disappear at the end of the month but rather rollover and continue to accumulate, much like rollover minutes with cell phone plans.

If a user does not conduct at least 450 searches per month at one of the major keyword services, they are most likely not getting their money's worth. With NicheBOT's credit system, any unused searches for one month roll right over to the next month. This is what some people would call a "user-centric" system, designed and built around the wants and needs of its users.

More information regarding NicheBOT and its functionality can be found at the keyword tool or copy and paste the following URL in your browser:


Jim Morris, President/CEO/Founder

Full Throttle Enterprises, Inc.


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