Roach Bait Discovered Ineffective, New Technology to Kill Roaches without Pesticide Shared by My Cleaning Products

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Roach baits are not effective anymore to certain cockroaches, a report suggested. Instead of them, My Cleaning Products recommended the use of the pesticide-exempt Roach Bully to kill roaches.

...unlike other roach products available, it [Roach Bully] is effective all while being safe. That's because it is pesticide-exempt...

Roach baits are some of the most-used products to get rid of cockroaches. However, a report from published on May 23, 2013 indicated that they are not effective anymore to certain groups of the said insects. In response, My Cleaning Products shared with the public a new solution to kill roaches effectively and safely.

It was said in the report that normally, cockroaches love sugar and find sweet baits as appealing, My Cleaning Products stated. However, it shared that some groups of German cockroach now register the sweet taste as bitter.

Entomologist Coby Schal of North Carolina State University in Raleigh explained in the report that the nerve cells for bitter of the said groups of roaches now also react to glucose, MCP related. And as a result, it stated that cockroaches avert from the sweet baits instead of reveling in them like they used to.

Here is a part of the post by My Cleaning Products about Roach Baits Repulse Roaches.

“This is a passive means to kill roaches and a risky approach as well. It is passive as you would have to wait for cockroaches to take on the bait and it is risky as the chemicals used on it could be dangerous to humans.

In addition to that, roach baits could also be ineffective to certain cockroaches. According to a report from, it was discovered that some groups of German roach have evolved their sense of taste that sweet baits don't work on them anymore.”

Considering that roach baits don't work effectively anymore as the report said, My Cleaning Products shared another method to kill roaches. And as it asserted, it is worth because it contains no harmful chemical ingredients.

The method the company referred is the use of roach spray called Roach Bully. It said that unlike other roach products available, it is effective all while being safe. That's because it is pesticide-exempt, it shared.

As it detailed, EPA has already approved it as pesticide-exempt roach spray under FIFRA 25(b). Pest-control companies, hotels and hospitals have also been using it for years, it added. And with that, it asserted that one could rest assured of its quality for a truly effective and safe cockroach treatment.

Roach Bully, it additionally stated, is available at its official website,

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