Highlights: January 2008

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Exports Steer the Economy

Smokestack America comes to the rescue and will keep us out of recession. conomy.html

Workers to Boss: Less Stress, Please

Your employer may not know your blood pressure is rising. Set clear goals, then log off e-mail. l

Stock Options for the Rest of Us?

Money and Ethics by Knight Kiplinger

Drive More, Pay More?

You'll watch when and where you drive under a pay-by-the-mile plan. more.html

The Election Effect

Presidential election years are mostly bullish for investors. Will the pattern play out this year? .html

Homeowners Heave A Sigh of Relief

Those struggling with rate hikes find sympathetic lenders. l

Whatever You Call It, It's a Mother

Expect big tax changes in 2009. Not all of them will thrill you.

Our Mighty Factories

My Point of View by Knight Kiplinger r.html

The Right Stake in Your Company

Holding too much of the boss's stock can be hazardous to your wealth. .html

My Favorite Fund

Opening Shot by James K. Glassman


Where to Invest in 2008

Profit handsomely from what's happening half a world away. tml

8 Stocks to Own in '08

Our picks range from a familiar phone giant to a Mexican cement maker. ml

5 Easy Ways to Track Your Stocks

You bought the shares. Now make sure they meet your expectations. ks.html

Political Portfolios

You can tell a lot about candidates from how they made their money and how they invest it. lios.html

ETFs Target Retirement

Target-date funds are now available in low-cost exchange-traded flavors. irement.html

Real Estate Funds to Buy Now

You won't find these five piling into the usual property stocks. .html

PROMISED LAND, by Andrew Feinberg

Let Your Winners Run

Can This Railroad Run Any Faster?

A British hedge fund tries to shake up an eastern rail giant.

There's No News Like Fluffy Biz News

Keeping it light is Fox's strategy for challenging CNBC.

Right on the Money

Crocs crumbles and Microsoft rallies, just as we predicted. html

MUTUAL FUNDS, by Russell Kinnel

Teamwork Pays Off

The Exodus at Janus Group

A deep bench means the funds are still in good hands. -group.html

A Religious Approach Pays Off

Adherence to Islamic principles helps a fund sidestep the trouble in financials. ch.html

Your Money

Protect Your Retirement From These Investment Scams

Retirees are being lured by Ponzi schemes, unsuitable annuities and over-hyped investment returns. stment-schemes-to-avoid.html

Will Home Prices Hit Bottom in 2008?

A rate freeze on some subprime mortgages may prevent more foreclosures, but this real estate market won't show improvement until 2009. 8full.html

Is Online Banking Safe?

Online banks that are FDIC insured offer the same protection for your dollars as brick-and-mortar branches. king.html

Put Your Business Online

How to buy a web-design package, hire a consultant or do it yourself.

Should I Prepay My Home Equity Loan? (The Best Way to Pay Off Debt)

Does it make sense to sell mutual funds to prepay a home-equity loan? ity-debt.html

When to Take Social Security Benefits

If you turn 62 this year, you're eligible to start your checks. But you might be better off waiting. cial-security-benefits.html

Will My Homeowner's Policy Cover My Jewelry? (Insure Your Expensive Stuff)

You need to add a low-cost insurance rider to protect jewelry and other valuables. e-jewelry.html

Your Real Cost of Living

Forget the national averages: Your personal inflation rate is likely to be higher. 2007.html

Slide Show: Cost of Living in Your Area gional-Cost-of-living-Increases-CPI

Best Short-term Investments for College

Where to stash short-term college cash: a state 529 plan or bank CDs? The answer isn't clear cut. -investment-options-for-college-savings.html

Ask Kim

How Can I Get a Seat on the Board? -issue.html

My Story

Update on the American Dream ing-american-dream.html

Living & Spending Wisely

iPhone Challengers

Want a better camera phone? A cheaper smart phone? These other "iPhones" may suit your fancy. petitors.html

Slide Show: Smart Phone Comparisons art-Phones

Drive Time: Detroit's Car Industry Shows Signs of Life

Drive Time by Mark K. Solheim

Giving Back Through Giving Circles

Simple, personalized charity groups with the power to make big changes. local-philanthropy.html

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