The Kool Aid Packet

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Adding value to your customer relationships is the only way to ensure long-term survival.

If you were 25 years old and had already bombed on two internet startup businesses, would you try again? And if you did try again, this time selling on eBay, what would you sell?

If your name is Brian Schwartz (eBay user ID: EZas123), your answer is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First you'd sell a Kool Aid Packet. Next you'd sell a Dunkin' Donuts Cup. For a combined total of 58,000+ Unique Visitors, 80+ Bids and $4,400, while being featured as the respective #1 and #3 Most Watched Items on eBay's Pulse Page.

"You can not be serious!" No doubt that's a phrase that Brian's heard a lot lately. What kind of idiot can build a business by selling Kool Aid and Cups? And why doesn't eBay kick his young arrogant rump off their site?

If you're Brian S, a full-time Marketing Coordinator, Part Time eBay Trading Assistant and eBay's Top 25 Reviewer, with a niche target market of aiding eBay sellers, you just chuckle and shake your head. It's not about actual Kool Aid and Cups, you'd say to the jesters. If you'd take a closer look, you'll see what the unique Viral Marketing is about.

Brian has figured out a cost effective, novel spin on advertising for increasing traffic to his cool aid for sale, while establishing community trust and credibility. 'EZ' packages his weird items with great detail, utilizes his unique creativity to entertain eBay sellers and buyers alike and mentions in the fine print that 'anything that comes with the item is a bonus gift' to the final bidder to ensure their 100% satisfaction. EZ makes up for the loss on bonus gifts, ad expenses and listing fees with a cross promotion and actual profit on his real items for sale as well as back end sales of his affiliate marketing programs.

When there is real, credible high bids for a worthless item at auction, people will look out of curiousity, wonder what is going on and spread the news like wildfire. Nevertheless, sellers who are on the bidders list get free publicity to their stuff as well. Compare it with the cost of real advertising to the tune of thousands of targeted visitors beating your door down!

As eBayer "phatwolf_online" explains about the Kool Aid Auction, "I can't believe that people are not 'getting it'... EZ has gone to considerable lengths and sacrifices to bring you, not just a Cherry Flavored Kool Aid Packet. Its a symbol of the community! A light, shining bright in this darkened world. Why? its a metaphor for life itself. Let us rally to its cry. and rejoice in its no artificial flavours. POP those cherries. and lets take our stand now. I am no longer afraid EZ. Thank you."

Nevertheless, the essence of the Dunkin' Donuts cup auction was the empty cup philosophy it demonstrated which Bruce Lee had mastered in his time. The empty cup principle can be helpful in a fast paced, rapidly changing business world. So many people feel threatened by new technology and a changing workplace, that they pass up great opportunities. As EZas123 claims, "Things are changing and we all have to adapt to stay competitive. If you are serious about online business and long-term survival, it's all about adding value for the customer. "


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