Weight Loss Surgery at LAP-BAND VIP Now a Viable Option for Patients with Painful Joints

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Obese patients are often stuck in a cycle of painful joints and limited mobility. Although many go through joint replacement surgery to get back on their feet, many patients are unsuccessful in losing weight and keeping it off. Dr. Hooman Shabatian of LAP-BAND VIP said weight loss surgery is a viable option for obese patients who have failed to lose weight through traditional methods.

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to keeping the joints in good condition, and being overweight puts an extra burden on weight-bearing joints

Los Angeles Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Hooman Shabatian said it is not uncommon for LAP-BAND surgery candidates to come in for their first consultation in a wheelchair or using a cane. As a result of their excess weight, obese patients experience decreased mobility and lower-body joint pain, preventing them from being more physically active. Weight loss surgery at LAP-BAND VIP is an option for patients who have tried other techniques to slim down without long-term success.

“Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to keeping the joints in good condition, and being overweight puts an extra burden on weight-bearing joints,” said Dr. Shabatian, adding that many of his patients explain they cannot lose weight because of painful joints limiting their ability to exercise. “Weight loss, even a small amount, is beneficial in helping obese, arthritic patients get as close to pain-free as possible.”

Weight loss eases the pressure on lower-body joints, allowing patients to be more mobile and experience less pain. Of the 700,000 knee- and hip-replacement surgeries performed every year in the U.S., many of the patients are obese. Joint replacement surgery, also called total joint arthroplasty (TJA), is a common procedure for obese patients whose lower-body joints face wear and tear due to excess weight. Joint replacement candidates are often told to lose weight to prevent osteoarthritis, a painful condition where the cartilage in joints is worn away from the stress of carrying too much weight. However, the majority of patients do not lose weight after TJA surgery, as determined in a study published in the September issue of Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research.

In their research, the San Diego State and UC San Diego team assumed weight loss would occur following TJA surgery because mobility and activity could increase with pressure relieved on weight-bearing joints. However, the researchers revealed: "We found no conclusive evidence that weight or body composition increases, decreases or remains the same after total joint replacement."

Although the study is inconclusive because of the small number of participants, Dr. Shabatian said the probable reason TJA patients cannot lose weight is because they do not successfully change their lifestyle after surgery by eating and exercising properly.

“No surgery can guarantee long-term weight loss without 100 percent participation of the patient, and at LAP-BAND VIP we thoroughly educate our patients about the lifestyle changes they will have to make to be successful at losing weight,” said Dr. Shabatian. “The good news is they don’t have to go through the weight loss journey alone, and a caring team of professionals, such as a bariatric surgeon and nutritionist , will help them through the process.”


Dr. Hooman Shabatian obtained his medical degree from Chicago Medical School and started his surgical career with an internship at Cornell University associated with Lincoln Medical Center in New York. Dr. Shabatian performed his first LAP-BAND procedure in 2002 under the supervision of LAP-BAND pioneer Dr. Shayani at the Loyola University Medical School. Dr. Shabatian is a Board-Certified Surgeon and a member of the American College of Surgeons.

LAP-BAND VIP has a dedicated surgical and medical staff with extensive training and expertise perfected through years of practice. Our staff provides unparalleled, personalized service for all individuals in their weight loss journey. To learn more about LAP-BAND VIP and to schedule your free consultation, visit http://www.lapbandvip.com or call (800) 561-9000.

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