La Jolla Drain Cleaning Expert Announces Best Practices for Preventing a Clogged Garbage Disposal in Today's Home

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Xtreme Drainworks Shares 12 Years of Expertise and Knowledge in Emergency and Preventative Drain Cleaning to Help Homeowners Prevent Drain Clogs in 2012

Today, Xtreme Drainworks announces best practices for preventing a clogged garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are wonderful inventions that make household chores less demanding. However, few problems are more common or more frustrating than a clogged garbage disposal. If not operated or maintained property, a garbage disposal can easily clog drains. For example, a common misconception is that any food can be put down a garbage disposal.

“Foods that contain fibers like corn husks, celery sticks, onion skins, or artichoke hearts can tangle and jam the garbage disposal motor and block drains,” warns owner of Xtreme Drainworks, Brian Salinas. “Too many potato peels can turn the starch into a thick paste and could cause blades to stick. Foods like pasta and rice expand with water and can also cause jams and clogs.”

Instead of feeding the garbage disposal like a hungry trash can, take the following actions to keep the garbage disposal working smoothly for many years.

1.    When running a garbage disposal, always turn on cold water before adding food.
2.    Never pack large quantities of food in the grind chamber which could result in clogging the drain. Cut large items into smaller pieces if necessary.
3.    Add waste food slowly.
4.    After grinding is completed, let the cold water run for about 20 seconds. The water flushes the food particles through the discharge outlet and P trap and avoids clogging the drain line.
5.    Run a garbage disposal regularly. Frequent use prevents rust and corrosion and prevents obstructions from accumulating.

These general maintenance tips can extend the life of a garbage disposal and prevent plumbing and mishaps. However, if a garbage disposal is plugged or the kitchen sink drain is clogged and the problem seems to be getting worse, it’s probably time to contact a professional.

Xtreme Drainworks can not only help with plugged garbage disposals but also fixes clogged kitchen or bathroom sinks, showers and bath tubs, sewer lines and toilets, washer and floor drains, or a grease trap in a restaurant. Available 24/7 and well-known for their expertise, skill, affordable prices, and great customer service, this company can take the frustration out of drain clogs. For more information, visit their website,

About Xtreme Drainworks
Owner Brian Salinas has been in the drain cleaning industry for more than 12 years and has the knowledge and skill to fix annoying and frustrating drain clogs. Xtreme Drainworks specializes in drain cleaning services only, not plumbing repairs. Therefore, customers can be assured they are there to clear the drain and not sell any unnecessary parts or repairs. They proudly serve San Diego County.


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