Popular Yoga DVD, Lady Niguma Yoga Released for Sale Online

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The Lady Niguma Yoga series, by Geshe Michael, is growing in popularity across the world, and a DVD of the series can now be purchased online, through Diamond Wisdom website, so that more people globally can experience the benefit of doing this simple and easy yoga for beginners and even experienced yogis.

Lady Niguma Yoga DVD

Lady Niguma Yoga DVD

The Lady Niguma’s yoga series is very systematic. It works according to the Indian system of the ‘inner body’ – or the subtle physical body that cannot be seen – similar to the meridians in Chinese medicine.

The Yoga of Lady Niguma was created by a female yogi (‘yogini’) from India who lived a thousand years ago. This is the oldest yoga found in written form (in a book made from palm leaves).

Lady Niguma was the partner of renowned Indian master and yogi Naropa, and the yoga she created is the first known series specifically designed by a female yoga master.

Lady Niguma taught the practice to her student Kyungpo Neljor, who in turn passed it on through a long lineage to the second Dalai Lama, Gendun Gyatso. While researching rare texts slated for preservation, Geshe Michael Roach found a Tibetan version of Lady Niguma’s yoga, translated it into English and has been teaching Lady Niguma Yoga in Singapore and around the world, in conjunction with his retreats and business seminars on life and business success.

The Lady Niguma yoga series is very systematic. It works according to the Indian system of the ‘inner body’ – or the subtle physical body that cannot be seen – similar to the meridians in Chinese medicine.

In this system, there are three main channels in the body. First, there is the central channel, a golden red colour, the width of a thick drinking straw, running from between the legs at the base of the body, up the back of the body where the spine is, then curving over the top of the head and ending between the eyebrows.

Inside this channel runs “Prana” or “Qi” – a subtle kind of energy - and inside the central channel the only energy found is that associated with kindness and wisdom. So, everytime a person have a kind or wise thought, the “qi” runs in this channel.

Unfortunately though, there are two side channels as well, which run along either side of the central channel. The left channel is white and starts and the left nostril; the right channel is dark red and starts from the right nostril.

When a person have thoughts of clinging or grasping, energy runs in the left channel; and when people are angry or irritated, energy runs in the right channel.

The big problem here is that these two channels loop over the central channel at certain points, creating knots which choke off the central channel and block the energy of kindness and wisdom. Every time a person gets angry or clingy, these knots get tighter and our kindness and wisdom are stifled.

The places in the body where the two side channels choke the central channel are called chakras – so they are actually problem areas – but they are also places of power.

Think of a garden hose with a kink in it, you can see that the water is blocked, but if youcan unkink it, then the water will flow faster where it is supposed to go.

And so it is with chakras – if people can loosen the knots formed by the side channels, the prana or qi will flow more strongly where people want it – into the central channel as wisdom and kindness.

Lady Niguma yoga works on six of these chakras, found at the crown of the head, at the throat, the heart, the navel, four finger-widths below the navel; and just inside the base of the body, between the legs.

The yoga DVD series is special because it is designed for busy working adults to do at home. The entire series can be completed in just under 40 minutes, leaving plenty of time for work and family.

At the same time, it is a very gentle yoga for beginners and for everyone, even if you are an experienced yogi, and no matter if a person is 6 or 65 years old.

Doing Lady Niguma yoga by following the yoga DVD at home daily helps to reduce anger, jealously, stress and confusion, leading to more happiness and productivity both at home and at work.

Now that the DVD is available for online purchase, it can be accessed very easily and even saved to an iPod or iPad, so that the benefits of Lady Niguma Yoga can be enjoyed almost immediately.

To purchase Lady Niguma DVD online, please visit, http://www.DiamondWisdom.sg/store. Shipment is available worldwide.

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