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Share Article newly designed website about patio design, walkways, deck design and landscaping design helps home owners reach their full landscaping potential as they face lawn and garden issues in the springtime and beyond.

What's the best use of this space?

The newly launched website,, may just be the tool home owners need to transform their lawn and garden landscape into the beautiful oasis they have always wanted. The website, conceived by John Voight offers resources for both landscaping design ideas and money saving tips for upcoming landscaping projects.

"Our goal is to provide visitors with a wealth of valuable landscaping ideas, tips, and information in one fantastic, content rich website," says John Voight, president and content developer for the company. "People are short on time and tired of boring, unattractive yards so we've provided them with a great solution. Anyone will find extremely helpful landscape design ideas and tips on our easy-to-navigate, regularly updated website. And the best part... it's absolutely free!"

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, studies show that a well designed landscape reduces home heating and cooling costs and provides enough energy savings to return an initial landscaping investment in less than 8 years. Combine that with the average increase in home value of up to 14 percent after the landscaping is in place and home owners can rest easy as they begin their next project.

Voight adds "choosing the correct landscaping design not only increases the value of your home while reducing energy expenditures but it's also a great way for homeowners to maximize the use of their space and add a touch personality to the landscape as well."

One question to ask before making changes to any landscape is "What's the best use of this space?" Most people think of plants, flowers and trees when starting a landscaping project, but walls, terraces, walkways and outdoor seating should be considered too.

Whether planning a new patio design, pool landscape, or a backyard built for outdoor parties, landscaping software can be a big help in the actual landscaping design or layout process.

Other easy landscaping tips suggested by Voight include:

1. Choosing plants and shrubs that won't outgrow their useful space. A great tip is to plant vertically for added dimension.

2. Picking varieties of flowers, plants and trees that are known to be tough, adaptive and drought-resistant. Well-placed plants and trees can serve as shade and/or windbreaks for homes, reducing energy costs.

3. Filling deep cracks of rock gardens or walls with old nylon stockings filled with soil. Ensure the stockings look like big sausages once filled, tying the opened ends in a knot. Pack the stockings in crevices and cut a slit the length of the stocking to expose the soil. Plant ivy, hanging petunias, or any type of trailing annuals in the soil.

4. Watering newer plants well enough to develop strong, deep roots. Water early in the day using sprinklers that produce large droplets of water instead of a fine mist. Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation when available.

5. Starting a landscaping journal to record mistakes, successes, and great ideas gleaned from other gardeners and landscapers. Record the location and color of bulbs that should grow in spring.

6. Laying the backyard landscaping foundation by choosing a deck design with newer, cheaper, maintenance free materials. There are a wide variety of alternative materials to choose from other than traditional wood.

"Whenever I hear of a great landscaping idea, I like to write about it on the site," says Voight. "We've accumulated a tremendous amount of content already, and our goal is to keep fresh, innovative landscaping ideas coming on a regular basis."

In addition to articles on landscaping design, offers articles on weed control, with a special section on crabgrass alone. There are also articles on organic pesticides, flower selection, fertilizers, lawn equipment and lawn care.

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Great landscaping Ideas is a Virginia based company that takes pride in providing quality landscaping ideas and information about patio design, walkways, deck design and landscaping designs to internet visitors and landscaping enthusiasts alike.

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