Tekkeon's Rechargeable Laptop Batteries Offer Support for Portable Solar Chargers

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Global Solar Energy has endorsed Tekkeon's myPower ALL line of rechargeable laptop batteries for use with the company's lightweight solar chargers. With the trend for users to go off-the-grid, the demand is growing for high-capacity batteries that are capable of fully utilizing power generated by solar panels. With its Sunbooster smart 3-pin adapter, Tekkeon has provided easy connection to its myPower ALL batteries for portable solar charges from companies like Global Solar.

Tekkeon myPower ALL Battery

To fully utilize the power generated by smaller solar panels, like the high-quality products provided by Global Solar, we engineered a smart connector to regulate solar panel input power to efficiently charge our myPower ALL battery packs.

Tekkeon announces that its myPower™ ALL family of external battery packs has been endorsed by Global Solar Energy for its line of lightweight portable solar chargers, 12 to 62 watt modules. The company's myPower ALL battery pack connects easily to Global Solar portable solar chargers to extend the operation time of electronic devices throughout the day and into the evening while still maintaining a level of charge to the device's primary battery.

myPower ALL external batteries provide hours of extended play time on laptop computers, portable DVD players, video recorders, cameras, satellite terminals/phones, GPS, MP3 players, mobile phones, and other portable consumer electronic products. When used with portable solar chargers, Tekkeon's myPower ALL rechargeable batteries store the sun's energy at the level produced by the solar module, enabling the stored solar energy to be used at night or other times when using a solar panel is not possible.

The battery packs can deliver the exact steady stream of regulated power required by a laptop. This is an important feature since each laptop requires a specific input voltage and the power output from a solar panel is variable and not controlled. And Tekkeon's batteries include multiple adapters for connection to a wide variety of laptop brands, with many other adapters available.

"The demand for portable power solutions to charge or extend electronic device operation time is growing," says Jim Kimbrough, North American sales manager for Global Solar Energy. "The combination of our solar charger with Tekkeon's myPower ALL battery delivers a renewable energy/rechargeable battery solution to meet growing portable power needs."

Tekkeon's myPower ALL batteries are compatible with most portable solar chargers (12 - 62 watt modules) from Global Solar Energy, and have been specifically designed to accept input power from an unregulated solar module. myPower ALL supports Tekkeon's Sunbooster smart adapter that accepts the solar panel input voltage and boosts the voltage to the appropriate level for charging the device battery.

"Recognizing the growing need for portable power in remote areas, we included a port for the connection of a solar panel in each myPower ALL battery," says Jerry Yang, president of Tekkeon, Inc. "To fully utilize the power generated by smaller solar panels, like the high-quality products provided by Global Solar, we engineered a smart connector to regulate solar panel input power to efficiently charge our myPower ALL battery packs."

Tekkeon's batteries can be connected to the Global Solar foldable modules (12 to 62 watt panels recommended) in two ways:

  • Through the DC input port using a Global Solar 2.1 mm barrel plug adapter
  • Through the 3-pin solar port using the Tekkeon Sunbooster smart 3-pin adapter which supports smaller solar modules, such as the Sunlinq 12 and 25 watt

Together the Global Solar Energy lightweight portable solar charger and Tekkeon myPower ALL battery pack weigh less than 5 pounds.

Available in various models, Tekkeon's myPower ALL battery is an external rechargeable laptop battery that doubles the life of laptop batteries and can simultaneously charge other small portable devices through a built-in-board USB port. myPower ALL is modular, so a second extended battery can be added to provide even more mobile power.

Tekkeon's myPower ALL batteries are available at many online retailers, and at the Tekkeon Store. Additional adapter tips are available at the Tekkeon Store.

About Tekkeon, Inc.:
Tekkeon designs and manufactures innovative accessories that enable its customers to take full advantage of today's high tech world. The company's flagship portable universal batteries significantly extend the operation of numerous products, from everyday devices like laptops, mobile entertainment, routers, and mobile phones to professional equipment for photographers and outdoor adventure. The company's design expertise extends to products like NavDock™ Home Media Center for iPod and iPhone, which navigates the popular devices through an on-TV menu to play videos, photos and music on a connected television.

Tekkeon, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Tustin, California, and ISO-certified factories in China and Taiwan. For more information, visit tekkeon.com.

myPower, NavDock and TekCharge are trademarks of Tekkeon, Inc.

About Global Solar Energy:
Global Solar Energy is a solar industry leader that manufactures highly-efficient Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) thin film solar cells in a roll-to-roll process on a flexible substrate. In addition to its use in traditional glass modules, Global Solar Energy's photovoltaic material is lightweight, flexible and transportable, making it well suited for applications such as foldable mobile device chargers, standard glass power modules and especially for innovative new building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products.

Founded in 1996, Global Solar is the only CIGS manufacturer in full-scale production on a flexible substrate. The company also has achieved a record 10 percent average solar cell efficiency in its full production process. Additional information is available at globalsolar.com.


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