AbsoluteWealth.com Article Says America’s Largest Fracking Companies Poised to Make Major Oil Industry Splash

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The latest Special Report from Absolute Wealth and the Independent Wealth Alliance will distinguish between the largest fracking companies set to profit from the oil boom.

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The country has relied on foreign supplies for long enough, and now that a bounty sits waiting within its borders, it’s ready to jump at the opportunity.

Today’s article from AbsoluteWealth.com said that the United States is in the starting blocks of a gigantic oil boom, putting the largest fracking companies in a race to the highest profits.

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing of shale rock, is acknowledged as the greatest chance for the country to stop its reliance on foreign oil, said the article. There’s an abundant supply of natural gas and oil waiting to be extracted through fracking, and it’s only now in line to be fully accessed.

With that in mind, AbsoluteWealth.com has developed a Special Report to help with investing in fracking companies, large and small, that are poised to make a run for the money.

“Sideways Oil: How “Fracking” is Re-Establishing the U.S. as an Oil Power and How You Can Profit” gives the insider information that only the Independent Wealth Alliance can provide. As Absolute Wealth’s subscription program, the Independent Wealth Alliance is again putting its expertise to use with a workable blueprint for success in fracking investments.

Innovative, forward-thinking companies that recognize the potential in fracking and are able to tap into the latest technology make the most appealing investments, the article said. The modernization of horizontal drilling (where “Sideways Oil” gets its name) makes reaching the deposits underneath America’s surface easier.

“Sideways Oil” describes companies that are ready to benefit from the fracking boom, and also tells what areas of the country will see the most production. North Dakota, for instance, is home to the Bakken shale patch, which contains a generous supply of oil. In fact, the supply is so generous that North Dakota should slide into second place on the list of oil-producing states, surpassing Alaska just as it did California last year.

That prediction comes from a Reuters article from March, 2012 on the “North Dakota oil bonanza.” It calls the Midwestern state “the fastest-growing oil frontier in the world.”

The fact is America still runs on oil. The country has relied on foreign supplies for long enough, and now that a bounty sits waiting within its borders, it’s ready to jump at the opportunity. The aftereffects of energy-independence were listed by the article: a strengthened economy, an improved unemployment number, and re-establishment of America as a global player in the crude market.

Knowing that, the Independent Wealth Alliance put over 200 hours of research into finding out why some particular companies are better than others. “Sideways Oil” is the definitive collection of valuable information on investing in fracking companies, said the article. The full cross-section of potential successes is analyzed, with only the best investments in mind.

With such an explosive increase in oil and natural gas fracking, there are plenty of companies moving into the industry. “Sideways Oil” gives crucial advice on which of the largest fracking companies are poised to be the biggest winners.

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