Fall Fertilizing: New AllAboutLawns.com Widget Calculates Your Needs

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AllAboutLawns.com new fertilizer widget simplifies fertilizing calculations for novice lawn-keepers. Visitors choose their grass type and enter their lawn dimensions, and the widget recommends the amount and frequency of a standard blend fertilizer that can be used on most lawns.

A new widget on AllAboutLawns.com helps novice lawn-keepers determine how much fertilizer they need and when they should apply it, based on a user's grass type and lawn dimensions. Proper lawn care involves calculations and research; often people over-fertilize, which harms the environment, or do not feed their lawns at all. Using a standard blend lawn fertilizer, this fertilizer widget takes the guesswork out of lawn maintenance (http://301url.com/lawn-widget).

Other lawn fertilizer tools typically require users to know the square footage of their lawn or the ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) in their chosen fertilizer. However, the fertilizer widget uses a 25N-5P-10K blend, a standard mix that can be used on most lawns. By simply plugging in the dimensions of the lawn and the type of grass, the widget gives users the pounds of 25N-5P-10K fertilizer they will need.

Before fertilizing this fall, one of the key fertilizing seasons for cool-season grasses, consider this advice from Dawn West, forum moderator at AllAboutLawns.com:

  • Know your grass type--different grasses have different needs.
  • Apply fertilizer with a spreader for even distribution.
  • Don't fertilize when rain storms are forecast. The rain will wash the fertilizer off the lawn.
  • Do your homework and consider the environment. Fertilizer can be highly toxic, so proper product, volume, and application is a must for community health.

Fertilizer calculations are based on the percentage of nitrogen in the fertilizer. Lawn-keepers who would rather choose a different fertilizer instead of the standard blend recommended by the widget need to know the percentage of nitrogen prior to calculating the amount of fertilizer needed. The variety of fertilizers available and the calculation process can result in multiple trips to the store, money wasted, over-fertilizing, or under-fertilizing without proper research or planning. AllAboutLawns.com has a resource section dedicated to lawn fertilizing (http://301url.com/fertilizing).

http://AllAboutLawns.com is a comprehensive lawn and yard care resource. Visitors can ask staff questions in the lawn forum or benefit from hundreds of articles on seasonal lawn care, grass types, weed prevention, mowers, and other lawn maintenance equipment.


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