Lead Generation Leader Mint Leads Now Offers Highest Closing Debt Settlement Sales Leads

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With over 4 years of experience generating debt settlement leads exclusively through PPC and SEO, Mintleads.com customers are now experiencing closing rates between 16% and 18% - the highest in the industry. Firm also explains how quality leads vs. low quality leads are generated.


With over 4 years of experience generating debt settlement leads exclusively through PPC and SEO, Mintleads.com customers are now experiencing closing rates between 16% and 18% - the highest in the industry. Firm also explains how quality leads vs. low quality leads are generated.

Sales Leads

In today's information-based society, consumers are targeted for their wants and needs and sold to the highest bidder. The concept of sales leads might seem simple: someone who is actively searching and requesting information on a particular product or service, but many lead providers distort this concept. Using any tactic or trick they can think of to generate sales leads, lead providers unfortunately often persuade consumers to fill out their form or call a certain number.

It's important for companies that purchase sales leads to realize the actual source of their leads. Many lead providers generate and buy such a high volume of sales leads that in many cases they are unaware as to the actual source of their leads. Industry leader Mintleads.com generates all its debt leads in-house through two landing pages. Their customers always know exactly where their sales leads are coming from, helping them to form a more tailored pitch.

Lead Generation Suffers Black Eye

What hurts the lead generation industry the most is the selling and reselling of leads. The major players in the lead generation industry use brokers in order to get the volume that is demanded from them. This allows them to offer very low priced sales leads. On the other hand it also allows them to sell unqualified, illegitimate leads.

Because of the selling and re-selling leads people who were once interested in debt settlement and filled out a form requesting information are called by 5 to 10 companies in a single day, leaving them frustrated and uninterested. Even lead generation providers that claim they sell "exclusive leads" are selling leads that have been called on multiple times. How does this happen? By purchasing sales leads from an aggregator, a lead generation provider can sell that lead exclusively, but the aggregator can continue to resell that lead to other lead providers.

It is important for companies to understand the origins of their sales leads. In order to gain a better understanding of the lead generation industry, Mintleads.com explains the most common ways in which debt settlement lead providers generate leads:

1) Pay per click and search - Lead providers bid to have their website at the top of major search engines. They bid for related search terms such as debt relief, credit card debt help, avoid bankruptcy, etc. This method is the most expensive way to generate leads, but tends to have the most success.

2) E-mail blast - e-mail lists can be purchased for very cheap. Lead providers purchase lists with thousands of e-mail addresses and send out a generic -mail to every address on the list asking consumers if they are in debt.

3) Co-registration/affiliate marketing - People that were initially looking for something other than debt settlement such as payday loans, debt consolidation, etc., provide their information to be contacted for their initial search along with debt settlement services.

4) Brokers/aggregators - Lead providers purchase debt settlement leads from other lead providers and sell them to their customers.

5) TV, Radio, and billboard - Advertising companies create a TV, radio, or billboard ad regarding debt relief options. This ad contains a toll-free number to call for a free consultation. This lead is then transferred live to a debt settlement company.

6) Direct mail - Similar to e-mail blasts, companies purchase physical addresses and mail actual letters to consumers asking if they are in need of debt relief.

A majority of lead generation programs will use a mixture of these tactics in order to keep costs down. They will mix cheap methods with higher ones. This creates few quality sales leads mixed in with less qualified ones. Although many lead providers have tarnished the reputation of the lead generation industry, there are companies such as Mintleads.com that provide quality sales leads that will close at a high ratio.

Companies should do their homework when it comes to purchasing leads. There are some warning signs that can help companies know if a lead provider has quality leads.

1) Any lead generation provider that requires a contract in order to purchase from them is a sign they have a poor product.

2) They use contracts in order to lock clients into an agreement. If their leads are high quality they should not require a contract to make clients stick around - the leads should speak for themselves.

3) Minimum orders of more than 100 can be a sign of bad leads. They are again trying to lock clients into a more long term agreement.

4) Price is another sign of quality. Any lead that is under $20 has most likely been sold a multiple times or is an aged lead.

Mintleads.com has been generating the highest quality sales leads catering exclusively to the consumer debt industry for over 4 years. 100% of their leads are generated via PPC and SEO. Their lead delivery system platform allows their customers to contact leads quickly - literally within minutes. Their landing pages provide consumers in debt with relevant, up-to-the-minute content with which to make an instant, informed decision and fill out the all-important contact form.


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