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“This small book will help anyone to shave thousands of hours of tedious learning time from whatever language they choose to learn.” Mark Frobose

Think and Grow Fluent - Now Available on

'Think and Grow Fluent' will save you thousands of hours of tedious study and will help you to quickly uncover your hidden fluency in any language on the planet."

People have all heard about think and grow rich.
But is it possible to literally ‘Think’ and then somehow ‘Grow Fluent’ in other languages?

“Yes it is,” says Mark Frobose, America’s most trusted language teacher, who himself is fluent in seven languages and conversational in many others.

Frobose, who wrote 'Think and Grow Fluent' to help others greatly accelerate the pace of their language fluency, also created and recorded publishing giant Macmillan Audio’s entire foreign language program line.

“This small language learning book will help anyone to shave thousands of hours of tedious learning time from whatever language they choose to learn,” says Frobose, "I highly recommend reading it before beginning your study of any language."

Frobose goes on to explain that your mental focus, attitudes and beliefs about language learning are the biggest obstacles to fluency.

“The rest is easy,” he says glowingly.

According to Frobose, once you’ve programmed your mind to enjoy the language learning process, you will grow to love language learning so much that a language learner's new problem won’t be finding the discipline to study a new language.

On the contrary …

“After reading ‘Think and Grow Fluent’ readers will likely become language addicts, and their new problem will be having to tear themselves away from language learning long enough to perform life’s other essential activities like going to work, eating, sleeping and so forth,” he concludes

Frobose goes on to say that if people are not becoming fluent in the languages of their choice, that it has much more to do with their attitudes, beliefs, and pain-pleasure associations than it does with the particular method that they're using.

“The key is to condition yourself to greatly enjoy the language learning process and to associate pain to not learning languages,” emphasizes Frobose.

"After reading 'Think and Grow Fluent' you will suddenly understand that all the books, all the teachers, the programs, and the grammar, don’t matter, and that your fluency is already inside of you,” says Frobose.

The key is to uncover this natural ability to speak any language on the planet. And that’s what Mark Frobose's ‘Think and Grow Fluent’ will do for its readers.

Frobose says "The book explains that inside of us all exists a gift. It is the gift of fluency. This is a power that we are all already born with. No one can sell it to us because we already own it."

‘Think and Grow Fluent’ is available now in ebook form at


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