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Lease to own homes are listed and offered online at This non-realtor website lists properties that are now available to rent in North Florida and those with good or damaged credit can now find vacancies for affordable lease prices.

Lease to Own Homes | Florida Rental Homes

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These properties are not owned or controlled by realtors to help expedite the application for lease approval process. has now added lease to own homes to its listings online. This new addition of homes in the North Florida area is designed to bring affordable home ownership solutions to individuals and families searching for vacancies. These properties are not owned or controlled by realtors to help expedite the application for lease approval process. More information can be found at

Renting property is one way that some people use as an alternative to buying a home. A person that has damaged credit or cannot afford a high down payment could have few options to purchase a home. The new properties that are now leasing through the company are helping to provide an affordable solution to help more people move into a home that is currently available.

The new properties that are listed online have been updated with new photographs and important data. While some listings online include a price and a basic overview, the newly added homes for lease include most of the information that someone would gather during an in-person walk through. New videos have been added to offer a visual option to those researching a property from the company website.

To help renters qualify for a long-term lease option, a new preliminary application form has been added online. The traditional route of completing an application and waiting for days or weeks has been eliminated. The new preliminary form requires only basic information to start the approval process to help place people in homes faster who require immediate vacancy.

The new properties available for lease can now be searched on the new search page of the company website. All houses that are currently available are listed on this page and updated as new houses or information is added. Interested individuals or families that are currently researching homes in the North Florida area can now access this page online at

About Homes Jacksonville Florida

The 2010 launch of the Homes Jacksonville Florida company has helped more citizens and tourists in Florida to find immediate housing. The experts that own and control this company are not realtors. These professionals are real estate experts that control solely owned properties. The new lease to buy and home purchase programs integrated by the Homes Jacksonville Florida company are now helping more individuals and families obtain affordable housing. By upgrading the technologies used on the company website, this company now provides one of the easiest to use resources for homes to buy in Florida.

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