LED Exit Signs Expert Matt Sledge Announces a Town Hall Meeting that will Prepare for a Energy Crisis

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Matt Sledge is determined to help all business owners become a part of the solution by presenting a simple yet essential part of learning how to become prepared for the Inevitable crisis everyone faces; come be a part of the solution at a Thousand Oaks Town Hall Meeting December 18th, 2012.

As too few people fear, more people need to be made aware of what could realistically happen if the entire United States energy supply diminishes and if the main power grid and outdated energy systems fail. It is hard to measure what exactly would happen but it is not far-fetched to assume the results would be catastrophic as there are already many occurrences that have already taken place that can attest to what could happen if or it is more of a matter of when-power grids fail. It is the current generation’s responsibility to future generations to start conserving energy and to open their eyes and face the reality of this disastrous situation about to take place.

Can American’s Face The Truth About The Energy Crisis Looming Over Their Heads Or Will Neglect And Irresponsibility Lead To Inevitable Disaster; Waste Is Spiraling Out Of Control Faster Than Man Kind Will Be Able To Handle!

There is a world-wide concern regarding limited natural resources and energy production as demand continually outgrows supply. A complex national grid-down situation is the rickety bridge upon which everyone stands upon and one wrong move could cause it to rip the feeble support right out from under them leaving people receding back into a time when energy and water were commodities not readily available to just anyone. The only people equipped with the know-how and common sense will be those who already thrive off the land and those in the city can expect to find that their survival mode lacks the ability to be independent of such an inevitable scenario. Unfortunately, there is far more to do when preparing for such a disaster yet there are simple precautions that one could take when first broaching the subject. Small changes lead to big results and one way to make an impact is through the use of exit signs and emergency lights.

Awareness Is Contagious; Spread The Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Word!

The recent storm such as Super Storm Sandy that caused severe power outage for hundreds of thousands of Americans was in New York where power is still not fully restored, and it is a slow work in progress with repairs and restoration provided by workers arriving from outside the affected regions. A more devastating scenario is hard to imagine but in a national grid down situation, there would be no excess “human capital” to provide help in an effort to resolve the situation. Every worker would instead be occupied trying to restore the power in their own regions causing repairs to take far longer and as some experts theorize, the grid may be unable to be repaired resulting in years, perhaps even decades, of no power which would then lead to a “mass die-off” across the United States. It is scary to think about but it is the reality of a desperate situation yet to occur on such a widespread scale.

Matt Sledge encourages those in doubt or in the fog of denial to conduct their own research and is offering firsthand instruction at a Thousand Oaks Town Hall Meeting November 18, 2012! This Town Hall Meeting will help people open their eyes and understand how any and all changes they make now will drastically affect the outcome of everyone on Earth’s future; it is a person’s decision on whether that impact will be positive or negative. Changing out a simple exit sign can have a significant impact on the quality of the Worlds environment and change is necessary to deal with the Energy Crisis everyone faces in the world today. It may seem to only be a few LED exit signs but when multiplied by every building in the United States that is a ton of energy to be supplied consistently with no problems even though realistically, there are many problems lined up like dominoes ready to go off at any time whether Mother Nature plays a role or not, it is inevitable.

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