A New Service Where Traditional Law Meets Technology

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Shpoonkle has successfully combined the best aspects of traditional law with the accessibility and advantages of technology.

No one has ever told a Mercedes buyer that negotiating for a better price at the dealer, made his car any less a Mercedes.

Despite controversy from entrenched traditionalists, consumers and attorneys have productively utilized this new legal model called Shpoonkle to create savings and opportunities. The balance of providing legal professionals with an online medium to connect in a personal nature with clients has been a challenge Shpoonkle has met. There is an abundance of online services that allow remote or live communication between consumers or lawyers. Some offer Q & A, matchmaking, self-help features, and/or video conferencing. Shpoonkle has integrated all of these features plus two additional critical aspects, consumer empowerment and competition, resulting in unmet success thus far in this model.

Whether a consumer is shopping for a Hyundai or a Mercedes, everyone wants a good value for their hard earned dollar. No one has ever told a Mercedes buyer that negotiating for a better price at the dealer, made his car any less a Mercedes. In an economy, where every dollar counts for both the lawyer and consumer, Shpoonkle is just a smart idea. Shpoonkle is not trying to automate the legal industry; it is trying to make the process for finding an attorney easier and the cost less. Conversely, the attorney is saving time and money in connecting with clients that really need their help. Real time communication, candid expectations of costs and effective attorney marketing on a large scale that many smaller firms’ are not equipped to perform. Attorneys are expanding their online presence presents and building client lists. Consumers are able to reach out to trustworthy attorneys who not only want their business, but are willing to be flexible in their pricing models to get it.

An important concern raised about any technology that seeks to change the way we do business or conduct the personal areas of our lives, is always of value. Shpoonkle provides a service that promotes the worth and importance of the client with respect to the attorney. Thomas Paine once said that “what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly,” There is a large difference between cheap and getting value, Shpoonkle knows the difference, do you?

About Shpoonkle

Shpoonkle promotes advocacy to their members with free services. Shpoonkle is an innovative free web site that allows clients to confidentially post a legal case on line where attorneys bid for that case. The client has the option to pick any of the bidders and can communicate privately with the attorneys. Shpoonkle and Shpoonkle Canada are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Shpoonkle, LLC. in the United States and/or other countries. For more information, contact: info(at)shpoonkle(dot)com or visit: http://www.shpoonkle.com

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