Where Style Meets the Shore - Lumarai Lexus Wheels Company Launches Feature Video

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Ocean inspired design by Lumarai Wheels for Lexus. Lumarai Wheels Company designs luxury wheels specifically for Lexus vehicles. Lumarai launched a new video this week to explain the benefits of their custom Lexus wheels.

Lumarai wheel company has the luxury of designing Lexus wheels exclusively for Lexus vehicles.

Legend has it that when Toyota created the Lexus brand they sent a group of executives to live in Laguna Beach, California. They were asked to immerse themselves in the Californian lifestyle and understand what the potential Lexus buyer might desire. So Lumarai Wheels ( http://www.lumaraiwheels.com ) chose a designer who lived in Laguna Beach to design the first Lumarai wheel for Lexus. They called the wheel the Morro, named after El Morro Beach in Laguna.

The founders of Lumarai created an entire wheel brand just for Lexus. They did this for several important technical reasons, represented in the Lumarai Lexus wheels video that can be viewed at http://www.lumaraiwheels.com/lumarai_lexus_wheels_videos.php

-- Lexus Wheels use flat seat wheel nuts. Unlike most aftermarket wheel brands, Lumarai wheels are engineered to work with flat seat wheel nuts.
-- Lexus vehicles have a precise suspension, making it extremely important that any wheel you put on a Lexus is hub-centric. Lumarai wheels are engineered to be perfectly hub-centric on Lexus vehicles.
-- All new Lexus vehicles come with air sensors and Lumarai wheels are designed to accept the O.E. Lexus Air Sensor.
-- Many Lexus owners like to put the OE Lexus emblem on their wheels and Lumarai wheels have been designed to accept the OE Lexus wheel emblem.
-- Lumurai wheels are machined to tolerances that far exceed the industry norm. Lumarai emblems and packaging are scrutinized to ensure that every aspect of the product represents the highest possible quality.

"Lumarai wheel company has the luxury of designing Lexus wheels exclusively for Lexus vehicles." says Terence Scheckter, president of Lumarai Wheels, "The result is the perfect looking Lexus wheel, built in the correct size and offset with all the correct technical requirements of a great Lexus wheel."

The Morro Lexus wheel is a five spoke alloy wheel, with a minor style groove cut down the center of the spoke. The wheel is available in silver with a mirror cut face and lip, gloss black with a mirror cut lip and a beautiful full chrome. It is available in a variety of staggered applications. These aftermarket Lexus wheels are available in 17 inch,18 inch,19 inch, and 20 inch sizes. You can view enlarged images of the Morro wheel at http://www.lumaraiwheels.com/lumarai_lexus_wheels.php.

To help Lexus owners visualize what Lumarai wheels would look like on their Lexus LS, GS and IS vehicles, Lumarai wheels developed a wheel configurator. Go to http://www.lumaraiwheels.com/lexus_lumarai_configurator/ to view wheels on your Lexus.

All aftermarket wheels are built to Lumarai’s strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight, creating high performance wheels that fit perfectly. “We strive to offer the perfect fit for your Lexus vehicle”, says Scheckter.

Prices of Lumarai wheels vary from $220 - $570 and are available now. For a dealer near you, call 1-866-432-3615 or visit Lumarai Wheels on the web at http://www.lumaraiwheels.com/.

Lumarai dealers are located throughout North America and worldwide, including Discount Tire Direct on the web at http://www.discounttiredirect.com/.

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