Pioneer Lice Treatment Inventor Dalya Harel, CEO of LiceBustersNYC Revolutionizes a Beleaguered Business

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LiceBustersNYC CEO Dalya Harel unleashes an all- natural, safe potion to kill head lice that has no equal. LiceBustersNYC offers a one-time all-natural flat-rate lice treatment.

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Just a decade ago the only well-known remedies for head lice were over-the-counter treatments that worked for perhaps a week at a time. Then along came Dalya Harel, whose own battle with the creepy crawly critters became their Waterloo – and the debut of a business that would take New York, and eventually the entire tri-state area, by storm.

An Israeli immigrant and mother of nine children, Harel’s nightmare began when at first one, then several, of her children came home from school infested with head lice. Like all dedicated moms, she tackled the problem ferociously using the only weapons available to her at the time: over-the-counter solutions that were smelly, messy, toxic and ultimately ineffective beyond a few days. Frustrated but determined, Harel decided to research the matter to the ninth degree. She called hospitals, spoke with chemists and pharmacists, and scoured the Internet for a more promising remedy.

The quest ultimately paid off, big time. Contemplating everything she could find about the vexing topic, Harel concocted a 100% natural remedy that effectively and decisively clobbered head lice, not just for a week but permanently. Realizing she had created something of significant value, she opened a boutique service and established rock bottom prices, trained several hair care professionals, and went to work in a corner of the Borough entirely without fanfare at first.

It wasn’t long before her magnetic personality and her tried-and-true lice treatment became the talk of the town. Articles about LicebustersNYC soon appeared in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Not long after, CBS came calling, to interview the woman who single-handedly was eradicating an embarrassing “contagion” and rescuing individuals, schools, day camps and other institutions from rampant lice infestations.

What the reporters found upon arrival was a kind-hearted, energetic, honest woman who at times even waived her comparatively-trifling fees for families and individuals who were struggling to make ends meet. And despite plenty of offers to take her business and her secret lice treatment to the next level in a big way, Harel insisted on maintaining her work-life balance. With nine children and an ailing husband, there was never any question in her mind as to where her priorities lay. She said many times that whatever business God gave her would be enough.

Sensing the opportunity to make a killing, it didn’t take long for other lice treatment providers to get into the act. But the formulas that the other providers used were toxic and less effective, so their guests were subjected to repeat treatments – at $65 to $90 an hour. At those rates, a single case of head lice in a family could run $500, with no guarantee of success.

Not so at Harel’s LiceBustersNYC. Dalya’s all-natural, flat-rate service guarantees one-time treatment at a mere fraction of the cost of less-effective treatments. Harel’s competitors continue to rake in the big bucks, but only until they find out about her company.
With a countenance as captivating as playful puppies and a hair and scalp lice treatment that has no equivalent rival, Dalya Harel’s reputation and business appear to be secure.

For more information about LiceBustersNYC or Dalya Harel, call ( 718 ) 360-1830 or visit


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