Hospice Expert Says there is No Reason to Fear Death

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After thirty years as a Registered Nurse, primarily in Hospice, and later as Hospice Chaplain, Becki Hawkins has heard hundreds of the final messages, near death experiences, and visions from people passing over.

"I've never seen a better example of the right person being in the right place at the right time with the right message, than Nurse Becki Hawkins...

In her new book, TRANSITIONS: A Nurse's Education About Life and Death, Nurse Becki Hawkins casts off the dark veil and mysteries of death. Becki's book will bring forth tears of every kind as she takes readers on her unique spiritual journey dancing with the miracles of life and death in each hand on a daily basis for over three decades.

Nurse Becki Hawkins story is truly inspirational. Starting off as a nurse's aide at age 19, she became a registered nurse 7 years later and began her career in a large hospital in an oncology ward. It wasn't long before Becki realized that it was with the dying patients she felt most comfortable. "I appreciated the honor of being able to help the patient and their loved ones find their way through 'unfamiliar territory'. It has been a huge gift to feel sort of like a 'midwife' for those dying."

"Becki is so passionate about her work, and her belief in a higher power that she inspires everyone she touches with her phenomenal timeless wisdom and heartfelt and positive revelations." States a family member.

Becki first began writing about her experience and patients in 1986 when she started the feature column, "Beyond Statistics", for the local paper. For the most part modern western culture has distanced itself from the celebratory and positive aspects of the dying process, instead either ignoring it, or focusing on only the negative aspects of death. With her husband John's encouragement, Becki felt there was another more joyous and beautiful side that she was learning from her patients that she wanted to share with others. For years she has spoken at memorial services, community events, and in churches educating and inspiring people to honor and embrace this divine and most spiritual human experience.

One patient graciously credits Becki as the first person to provide her the opportunity to tell the story of her near death experience when she contracted polio in childhood. "Being able to share this with Becki validated my experience and strengthened my faith that I was not alone. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to share this with someone who has been on the front line of death and dying." From all the near death stories and visions her patients have shared with her, Becki believes what is waiting for us beyond is nothing but love, peace, and harmony.

A friend of Becki's writes, "How can one put down in only a few words what someone truly blessed has done to help so many for decades. In our little town we look forward to reading her weekly "Beyond Statistics" articles because they let us be part of her experience and her learning. Sometimes we would cry along with her but often our spirits were lifted hearing her stories and by her authentic words of wisdom."

Reading Becki's inspiratonal book TRANSITIONS will not only provide you with a fresh appreciation for living your life to the fullest, it will help you find peace and comfort in your eventual passing and what lies beyond, says an award winning Hollywood producer/filmmaker Paul Rosenberg. The two met at a book writing seminar in Sedona, Arizona and are now collaborating on a Nurse Becki youtube channel and audio series to promote her book and share Becki's powerful life changing messages globally through all forms of media and personal appearances.

"Why write a book about all these patients? I think their stories matter. They've taught me so much about how to live with their dying process," says Becki Hawkins. "What's the most common lesson I've learned from them? Live for today, live right now!

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