Study Finds More Breast Cancer Survivors Are Now Eligible For Life Insurance Coverage

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New innovations in breast cancer diagnostics have contributed to the greater accessibility of universal life insurance quotes for breast cancer survivors, some of which can be found at

According to a study, 12% of women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point during her lifetime. Until now, this disqualifying pre-condition has prevented many breast cancer survivors from obtaining a life insurance policy. Thanks to recent technological innovations which have enhanced early breast cancer detection and thusly increased survival rates, many life insurance underwriters have expanded their product offerings to include breast cancer patients in remission. This means that more opportunities have opened up for breast cancer survivors to qualify for the universal life insurance quotes currently available at

One such diagnostic advancement in the medical field is a new computer program that is presently undergoing study at Stanford University which has the potential to analyze breast cancer images and predict patient survival more accurately than pathologists by eliminating some of the subjective elements during analysis. The computer program, called C-Path (short for Computational Pathologist), "provides information above and beyond what the physician provides, using the same data," said Daphne Koller, senior author of the study and one of Stanford’s professors of computer science, in an interview with USA Today. It is hoped that at some point in the future, C-Path will be able to assist pathologists in deducing the prognosis of patients afflicted with breast cancer. This will consequently make various types of life insurance policies more accessible to survivors of breast cancer.

The new possibilities for breast cancer survivors to qualify for reasonably-priced universal life insurance coverage can be credited to the willingness of insurers to adjust their underwriting. In fact, this evolution in life insurance underwriting makes it possible for individuals with a history of breast cancer to find themselves eligible for affordable universal life insurance quotes sooner after they complete their treatment than ever before. Provided that the patient has been given a clean bill of health, there is exists, in certain cases, the possibility for patients to qualify for life insurance coverage even as soon as their last treatment day. In other situations, patients will need to wait anywhere from 1 to 5 years post-treatment before qualifying for coverage.

Standard rates on different types of life insurance are now being extended to breast cancer survivors, and more and more insurance underwriters are getting on board as positive advancements in treatment continue to be made.

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