Grapplers Inc. Announces A New Litter Pickup Tool For Those Who Use Riding Lawnmowers To Be Able To Pick Up Trash Without Getting Off The Lawnmower

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Riding Lawnmowers are great for saving time mowing a lawn, but when things are in the way such as kids toys, balls, rocks, cans, litter, branches, etc. it is time consuming to get off the mower and move the offending item. Using a Grappler extended reach litter pickup tool saves time and makes it safer for the rider to remove those items.

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I can pick up just about anything from my lawnmower with the Grappler without getting off of it!

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Mow your lawn and use a litter pickup tool without getting off your riding lawnmower.

More and more people are buying riding lawn mowers in order to reduce the time it takes to mow large lawns. The speed and efficiency of these well-designed lawnmowers has dramatically improved over the years. Many of them come with electric starts, cooling systems and automatic detachment or attachment of additional implements. They are very efficient at what they do.

But the one thing that slows the operator down the most is when they have to get off their lawnmower and move trash, rocks, tree branches, etc. so as to not damage the lawn mowing blades. The Grappler Litter Pick Up Tool is the perfect companion for anyone on a riding lawnmower to enable them to solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

Some of Grapplers customers attach their Grappler to the side of the lawnmower in a variety of ways. While making a pass and cutting the lawn they may see an object that they would run over on the next pass. With the Grappler they easily detach it from the lawnmower, reach out and grab the item and either throw it to a different part of the yard or put it in a bucket also attached to the lawnmower.

Sometimes the lawnmower operator does not see the item until they are about to run over it. With one of the longer Grappler pick up tools they can reach in front of the lawnmower and grab just about anything that would be in the way. Grapplers produces several different lengths of trash pickup tools for these situations.

The most popular length for someone walking around and picking up trash is the 33 inch version, but this usually is not long enough to use from a riding lawnmower. It is recommended that the operator choose one of the other longer lengths depending upon the situation, the size of the lawnmower, how high the operator sits off the ground, the size of the blade deck, etc.

There are 4 longer versions of the Grappler Extended Reach Tool: 40", 48", 72", and 96". The 72 and 96 inch versions are usually used by people who need to reach up high into trees or down deep into ditches, wells, pipes, etc. They may or may not be suitable to use from a lawnmower because of the angle that someone would have to pick something up with. It may be too hard to use when extended out that far.

The 40 and 48 inch versions are probably more suitable for most situations when people need to pick up trash from the lawnmower. The new industrial grade Grappler also now comes in all the lengths that Grapplers produces. This product has no plastic parts whatsoever and is more durable, stronger and suitable to extremely cold weather (when they convert their lawnmower into a snow plow, if they have that capability). Some people use the Grappler to clean out snow that is clogged in the chutes of snowplows to prevent any damage to their hands or fingers.

The Grappler and the new Industrial Grade Grappler are now available for anyone who uses a riding lawnmower and needs to pick up things on the lawn without getting off the seat.

About the Company:

Grapplers Inc. is an award-winning company created by Jay and Bonnie Thiessens. The company offers quality American Made Grappler tools, as well as specialty fishing and hunting accessories, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide the best products possible. They pride themselves on their capable, caring staff, excellent product quality, and great customer service. Grapplers Inc. makes listening to customers and satisfying their orders their highest priority. They are located at 599 East Nugget Avenue in Sparks, NV 89431 and can be reached by calling (877) 212-5803.

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