Living Off the Grid Reduces Home Energy Costs by 75 Percent Claims New Report

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Living off the grid reduces home energy costs by 75 percent claims new report. The team has reviewed and published new report by Michael Harvey that details how any homeowner can reduce home energy costs by 75 percent by building DIY solar panels.

Living Off the Grid | Reduce Home Energy Costs by 75 Percent
The author of the report has successfully lived off the grid for four consecutive years.

Living off the grid is not something that every homeowner is aware of yet but it is possible. The team has obtained a new report written by Michael Harvey that details exactly how this process can be completed by any homeowner. The iTrust News team has revealed in this home energy cost reduction article how anyone can apply simple concepts at home to save up to 75 percent off the cost of home energy. The author of the report has successfully lived off the grid for four consecutive years and has no plans of being dependent on expensive energy provider electricity in the future. The ITrust News article can be found at this link

A recent survey was published online that detailed home energy breakdown costs from 1970 to 2011. During this 31-year period according to the survey, home energy costs for the average homeowner increased over 150 percent. The actual rate of inflation also increased to four and one half times the amount of one dollar in 1970. These increases have affected the average American due to the declining salaries reported by many in various industries.

The Michael Harvey report is one indication of what some homeowners are now turning to in an effort to reduce the rising costs of home energy consumption. The living off the grid report is the first of many updates that are planned on this topic.

Sources of alternative energy are becoming more popular in the 21st century. The rising energy prices and lower manufacturing prices are creating new opportunities for many homeowners to build self-serving power units. The concept of solar power for use in homes first became popular in the mid 1980s as this technology was being mass produced for the first time. Corporations, schools and government buildings in the U.S. have experimented with solar power as an alternative to standard electricity that is provided by one of the regional power companies.

Homeowners like Michael Harvey that publish informative how-to guides online are introducing more homeowners to the concept of living off the grid for the first time.

States that have weather patterns that reflect all seasons can have increasingly higher electricity costs according to one report. Coastal states that use additional home energy like air conditioning usually do not report high heating costs annually. The Midwestern states is one area of the country that can have hot summers, cold winters and ever-changing fall conditions that can contribute to a spike in home electricity prices.

Homeowners that are searching for a way to reduce electric bill costs could benefit from obtaining the news report released by the website in an effort to avoid rising home energy costs each year.


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