LAM: Silver to Explode Christmas 2010

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Loyal followers of Lloyds Asset Management’s precious metals market recommendations, like most people are, know that Lloyds was right once again making this their 6th consecutive accurate market prediction in 18 months for gold & silver’s break out moves in the spectacular bull market run that has now begun with a bang.

In a world of economic uncertainty and political instability, gold and silver offer an anchor for investor's ships in the rough seas that lie ahead

Lloyds Asset Management’s website offers a myriad of market tools to its client base to include “The Elemental Economist Blog”, a must first stop for all market participants when signing onto the internet to the start the day. The blog has been tracking this meteoric rise in metals and translating the day to day activities to LAM's huge flock of loyal blog followers daily. Jim Purnell, senior analyst at Lloyds and architect of “The Elemental Economist Blog”, sees the amazing rise in the precious metals pricing as well as gold and silvers popularity in everyday conversations, daily headline news stories & millions of internet searches as the beginning of a new trend whose time has come and not a moment too soon. The internet search term “silver prices” reached #10 on Yahoo trends on Nov. 12th.

“In a world of economic uncertainty and political instability, gold and silver offer an anchor for investor’s ships in the rough seas that lie ahead” says the Elemental Economist, “Several more European countries on the verge of bankruptcy, the discussion of possible gridlock in Washington D.C., the world expressing their unhappiness with the implementation of the FED’s QE2 printing trillions of new dollars, foreclosure fraud crisis, massive unemployment, and global inflation fears will continue to put fear into investor’s minds worldwide bringing more and more people to the safety that the precious metals offer”

Purnell believes: “Now that silver has made new record highs at $29.41 and had a much needed and very typical profit taking pull back, the door has opened again for the millions of investors who cried themselves to sleep for the last 6 weeks because they missed the chance to buy the white metal below $20”. The Elemental Economist says this of silver, “The poor man’s gold has captured the attention of investors worldwide & now that the invitations have gone out again for all those who missed the party, the volume of new interest in silver could very well bring a range of $27.5 to $30 by Christmas.”. This is supported by the new trend of multiple synthetic silver & gold offerings to include ETFs and never before seen massive interest by hedge funds and money managers in the precious metals sector.

“We would have to see a doubling of silver’s price from here to reach its all time high of $52. With JPM and HSBC making headlines and the Asians looking for a vehicle like silver to reinvest all of the inflation coming into their economies, silver is poised to have a long open road ahead of it and the potential of a short squeeze of epic proportions. We are playing a part as history is being made in this market.”

Stay connected to Lloyds Asset Management's play by play analysis of silver’s history making moves by following “The Elemental Economist” blog at LAM stands ready to assist and encourage investors to contact LAM directly to request a “Free Precious Metals Investor Kit” toll free at 1.877.571.0859.


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