New Video Reviews Show How The REST Report Can Help With Difficult Modification Situations

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The REST Report has helped thousands of homeowners to find alternatives to foreclosure. New video reviews on show how effective the report can be even when dealing with complicated mortgage modification requests. can help homeowners to avail of the mortgage modifications they deserve with the REST Report. This report is a third party analytics tool that can show homeowners and lenders alike exactly what modification programs the mortgage situation qualifies for. This can be useful especially when a homeowner is having difficulty getting an application for a mortgage modification approved by their bank or loan servicer.

Most people who have applied for loan modifications do it in the exact same way; they send in their hardship letter, payment records, tax returns and other document, then they sit back and wait, just hoping that their loan servicer will approve their loan modification and give them a favorable review. Many people have waited up to 12 months just to find that their servicer has denied their request. They will have no idea if this is because of some major problem, such as failing in one or more of the qualifying criteria, or something a simple as a typo on the application.

It’s even more difficult when a homeowner feels that they really should have qualified for the modification but they were rejected nonetheless. In the past the only course of action was to accept the bank’s decision and cope as best as possible, maybe settling for a short sale. However, with the REST Report, the uncertainty involved with the modification process is a thing of the past. Now there is a way to see what options are out there and a way to prove to the banks that these options do exist.

According to the team, “Most people don't realize that the bank (servicer) stands to make up to 3-5 times as much by not approving their loan modification. It's the investor that benefits from successfully modifying your loan, not the bank. With the REST Report, you are showing undeniable proof that the numbers make sense for the investor that owns your loan.”

The REST Report has helped thousands of homeowners to save their homes from foreclosure by giving them the tools they need to find the right mortgage modification programs and to prove to the bank, if necessary, why they qualify for those programs. The team of experienced homeowner advocates at makes the process even simpler by walking the homeowners through each step of the way.

A number of REST Report reviews can be found on the LoanSafeMods website as well as on the company’s YouTube channel. These reviews, by homeowners who were formerly struggling to get their modifications approved, serve to show exactly how effective the REST can be when dealing with problem modification situations.

These video reviews feature the stories of different homeowners, some who were extremely close to losing their homes, but who were able to get modifications and save their homes thanks to the REST Report. One man, Ron, a EMT from San Diego, was able to get a fifty percent reduction on his monthly payments and reduction of more than $350,000 on his principle thanks to the REST analysis, after trying for more than three years to get it approved on his own.

For information on how the REST works and to view the most recent video reviews, please click here.

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