Offers The REST Report Analysis and No-Cost DIY Submission Kit To Homeowners

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Homeowners seeking more manageable loan terms can find answers quickly with the REST Report that is now available on is an authorized REST Report licensee that offers REST products to homeowners. The REST (Real Estate Services And Technology) Report is a third party analysis tool that uses continuously updated analytical models to provide an accurate loan disposition analysis. This analysis helps homeowners to decide what course of action they should take when it comes to their problematic mortgage situations.

Basically this tool allows homeowners to determine whether or not they qualify for any term adjustments on their loans. Applying for loan modifications is usually a very frustrating process. It can take 8 to 12 months to get an answer from the bank or financial institution, and if the answer is a negative there is usually no explanation as to why this is.

With the REST Report, homeowners will know beforehand if they qualify for any adjustments, as well as what they can qualify for, within just a few days. In case the report shows that foreclosure would be the only outcome due to the current situation, the REST will show exactly why this is. If problems are detected early enough, homeowners could potentially make changes that would improve their situation and increase their likelihood of avoiding a foreclosure.

The analysis does not absolutely guarantee that the loan modifications will be approved, however, and it will not expedite the application process in most cases. But, it does give a very clear picture of how banks and financial institutions will view the applicant’s situation. This can give the applicant peace of mind if they know that there is good cause for their investor to grant better terms on their loan. And, if the report shows that a modification is unlikely, it can save the applicant time applying for and waiting months for a loan modification that will ultimately not be approved.

As an authorized REST licensee, offers this analysis to homeowners who are seeking answers. Aside from the actual analysis, LoanSafeMods also provides a free DIY Kit that homeowners can use when submitting their application to their bank or lending institution. It walks applicants through the process step by step, which can be a great help, since for many homeowners the unfamiliar application process can seem quite daunting.

Taking the guess work out of the application process can relieve of a lot of the uncertainty and insecurity that most homeowners feel when they apply. Getting answers within a few days, as opposed to nearly a year, is one of the greatest benefits of utilizing the REST Report. While this does not absolutely guarantee approval, it does show the homeowner exactly where they stand when they are considering applying for more manageable terms, and can actually show the investor how they stand to benefit more by approving the modification rather than settling on foreclosure.

For more information on the REST Report and how it can benefit both homeowners and investors by finding the best win-win options, and for info on how to get the free DIY submission kit, please visit

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