REST Report Helps Save Single Father’s Home

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The REST Report has helped to save thousands of homes from foreclosure. A new video review on shows how it can even be used in very difficult loan modification situations. is a licensee of the REST Report and as such is expertly equipped to help homeowners to find the best solutions to their mortgage difficulties. The REST (Real Estate Services and Technology) Report helps to assist property owners in finding all possible foreclosure alternatives. As a third party analytics tool, the REST Report is trusted by homeowners and lending institutes alike and can be useful when dealing with difficult mortgage situations or delayed modification processes.

This analysis has already helped thousands of families across the United States to avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. A number of these thankful families are now telling their stories via video testimonials which are posted on the LoanSafeMods website. One more recent REST review is from Ron, an EMT and single father of two living in San Diego, California.

Ron started struggling financially, like so many others have, due to the shaky economic situation that is being felt world wide. He realized that the amount of money that he was bringing in would not be enough to keep up with his mortgage payments at the former monthly rate and so he decided to apply for a modification.

He says in his review that he tried to apply for the Make Home Affordable Program on his own. However he got nowhere as he found that his bank was impossible to deal with alone. He says, “As soon as I would jump through one hoop for them they would toss up two more.”

Ron was asked to resubmit documents and send in new paperwork again and again. Frustrated and scared that he would lose his home, he sought the help of a mortgage relief firm that promised to take care of the modification. This firm asked Ron to pay up front. However, as time went by, Ron realized that they wouldn’t be able to help.

He tried one more firm, which he also paid up front for, with the same disappointing results. After 3 years of struggling to save his home, Ron was ready to give up. He says in his testimonial, "What scared me the most about everything was everyday not knowing if someone was going to come knocking at my door telling me to get my stuff out. It was just me and my kids. We had no where else to go."

Luckily Ron found the REST Report before he actually gave up. The analysis gave him the information that he needed to reapply for the modification and the proof he needed to show his bank that he did qualify for it. After years of getting the run around, Ron finally got his modification approved a few short months after getting his results from the REST Report.

The new terms lowered his monthly payments by almost half and reduced his principle by more than $350,000. Ron ends his testimonial saying "To have somebody who went out of their way to do a good job and not having to pay beforehand was a blessing."

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