Cadogan Clinic Surgeons Featured Coming to the Rescue in Pilot “Botched Up Bodies” Episode

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Aesthetic surgeons Mr Patrick Mallucci and Mr Niall Kirkpatrick of the Cadogan Clinic were featured in the first episode of Channel 5’s new documentary programme “Botched Up Bodies.” The specialists used top-notch expertise in their respective fields to rectify the results of two patients’ initially unsatisfactory cosmetic surgery procedures.

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It really does behove patients to find the right medical practitioners with the right qualifications and the right experience to do this. It’s really not something that is injected by somebody with no medical knowledge whatsoever.

Two cosmetic surgeons from the London-based Cadogan Clinic, Mr Patrick Mallucci and Mr Niall Kirkpatrick, were featured in the first of a two-part documentary programme focused on unsuccessful cosmetic surgery operations and their repair.

The first episode of “Botched Up Bodies,” which shows true stories of people's disastrous cosmetic procedures and how experienced aesthetic surgeon work to rectify the results, was aired by Channel 5 on 14 January 2013. Amongst the patients featured was Dawn Tweedle, a 40-year-old support worker who had tackled her expanding waistline by having a gastric band fitted. Following the surgery she managed to lose a significant amount of weight, but unfortunately, instead of a balanced body contour she ended up with redundant skin and a deformed pubis area. Describing the result of her initial surgery, Dawn said: “It just doesn’t look right... It’s horrible.”

After undergoing two consecutive procedures to fix the unwanted effect of the gastric band placement, Dawn booked an appointment with Mr Mallucci of the Cadogan’s London liposuction clinic. A highly-qualified aesthetic surgeon with particular experience in corrective operations, Mr Mallucci held a promising consultation with Dawn, explaining that the post-op effects she is experiencing are not uncommon complications following such weight-loss surgery. Yet his experience at Cadogan’s London liposuction clinic meant that he was confidence that Dawn’s case could be effectively remedied. And indeed, as “Botched Up Bodies” showed, the excess fat and skin removed by Mr Mallucci during a 90-minute operation resulted in much smoother and symmetrical body shape. “I’m over the moon, I’m really, really happy,” said Dawn after seeing the final result of Mr Mallucci’s work.

Another patient featured in “Botched Up Bodies” was Sarah Amoli, a 37-year-old student beauty therapist from the Middle East who regretted having permanent filler injected into her face. After seven years and a series of infections, her initial surgery had left her skin lumpy and distorted. In the Channel 5 documentary, Sarah met Mr Kirkpatrick of the Cadogan Clinic with the hope that he would be able to finally solve the complications which had resulted from her initial procedure. A specialist in facial aesthetics, Mr Kilpatrick removed the majority of the troublesome fillers through a couple of very small incisions. After just two weeks of recovery, Sarah’s face looked much better, yet during her post-op consultation with Mr Kirkpatrick, he made it clear to her that she still has several months of healing, after which her skin and tissue would settle down and the result would be an even more natural and smooth complexion.

In its first episode “Botched Up Bodies” reviewed several cases of cosmetic surgery procedures which had gone wrong. In line with the premise of the documentary, Mr Kirpatrick warned prospective aesthetic surgery patients that operations can provide the desired results only when performed in accordance with the highest medical standards. He said: “It really does behove patients to find the right medical practitioners with the right qualifications and the right experience to do this. It’s really not something that is injected by somebody with no medical knowledge whatsoever”

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