Long Island Liner Replacement Company, Poolfection, Talks About the Importance of Getting Even Smallest Pool Problems Fixed

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Small pool problems can turn into major repairs, liner replacement company Poolfection now gives tips about maintaining your swimming pool.

Long Island Liner Replacements

Long Island Liner Replacements

Long Island Liner Replacement Company, Poolfection Talks About The Importance of Getting Even Smallest Pool Problems Fixed.

"It’s that wonderful time of year again! The time when temperatures tease us, rising ever so slowly, and the first flowers of the year warily poke their heads above ground. Before we know it, our AC’s will replace our heating systems and it will be time to dive into the water. Therefore, it is time to start thinking about the maintenance and repairs that go along with our pools and spas". Says a representative at Poolfection.

Pools and spas, old and new, all require yearly maintenance and repairs. However, we often times forget how much time has passed since our pools, spas, and all related systems and accessories were last used, not to mention what they endured during the harsh fall/winter. As a result, many people overlook fundamental, yet critical details of opening their pools and/or spas. This can lead to costly repairs which, more often than not, could have been easily avoided.

Below are common things that need repair and possible consequences for neglecting repair:
Filter and heating systems – Most pool and spa owners are not aware of what everything does and what to check for regarding filter and heating systems. If one of your systems is not running properly or a part is broken and the problem is not fixed, it could cause greater damage, resulting in expensive repairs or the need for a completely new system.
Covers/Liners - Tears in liners will cause water to leak out your pool, increasing your water bill. Small damage can be patched, which is relatively inexpensive. However, if the problem is not addressed, existing holes or tears could get larger, which may require the purchase and installation of an entirely new liner. Even worse, if water is leaking out of the pool, it could weaken and compromise a pool’s structure and foundation; this could result the wall(s) caving in and becoming a tremendously large and expensive disaster.

Masonry – Winters and time, in general, can cause pavers to shift and both bricks and cement areas to crack. Not only do these present safety issues, but they will get worse if they aren’t repairs. Additionally, pieces that break off, could wind up in your pool, damaging your liner, cover, and/or filter or cleaning system.

While using a pool company such as Poolfection. is ideal, many pool or spa owners do not want to pay to have a company come in. So, if you aren’t going to hire a specialty company to open and/or inspect your pool or spa, be sure to pay close attention to and thoroughly inspect your pools, spas, heating and/or filter systems, as well as all related accessories. And remember, if something needs to be repaired, do not put it off – doing so could cause more damage and costly repairs.

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