Bariatric Surgery can Offer a Fresh Start for those Suffering from Obesity-Related Health Complications

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Although weight loss surgery is not meant to be the first tool an obese patient uses to shed pounds, it is considered highly effective for those who have struggled in vain to free themselves of excess weight. A 2012 study found that any type of bariatric surgery is proven to be effective in weight loss and improving obesity-related health complications. Three methods of bariatric surgery are offered by LAP-BAND VIP which can start a patient down the road to a healthier life free of obesity-related health conditions.

By pursuing bariatric surgery after other weight loss techniques have failed, you can take an important step to take control back in your health

Many people struggling with obesity have tried to lose weight through conventional methods, such as diet and exercise, only to give up frustrated when their efforts fail to deliver lasting results. Obesity is tied to a number of health risks which can diminish quality of life, such as obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. By resorting to bariatric surgery at LAP-BAND VIP in Los Angeles, patients can make a lasting change and lose their excess weight once and for all.

“Obesity doesn’t have to debilitate you for the rest of your life,” said Los Angeles bariatric surgeon Dr. Shahram Salimitari, adding that obesity is the one of the most preventable causes of death behind smoking. “By pursuing bariatric surgery after other weight loss techniques have failed, you can take an important step to take control back in your health.”

New research, which will be presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making, examined the risks and effectiveness of bariatric surgery found evidence suggesting that bariatric surgery is highly effective. In the study, researchers presented statistics proving that bariatric surgery is effective in weight loss and improvement of obesity-related health conditions. The evidence showed that LAP-BAND surgery has the lowest rate of complications and mortality rates versus other types of surgery, while gastric bypass had the highest weight loss statistics.

Well-informed patients turn to LAP-BAND VIP after taking advantage of free educational seminars offered all over southern California. After the seminar, patients are invited to have a free consultation with highly-skilled, compassionate bariatric surgeons who explain all the potential benefits and dangers of weight loss surgery. While all surgeries carry inherent risks, LAP-BAND VIP maintains a zero mortality rate.        

LAP-BAND VIP offers minimally-invasive lap band surgery which involves implanting a plastic, adjustable band around the upper part of the patient’s stomach to create a small pouch. By constricting the amount of food a patient can eat and slowing the intake of food, patients feel fuller more quickly and eat less. The LAP-BAND surgery is a desirable option for many patients because it does not involve any rerouting of the intestines or stapling of the stomach.

“The LAP-BAND surgery is an appropriate choice for many patients because it is minimally-invasive and fully reversible,” said Dr. Salimitari.

Another option for patients is the vertical gastric sleeve procedure, known as sleeve gastrectomy. The operation consists of removing up to 85 percent of the patient’s stomach and sculpting the remaining portion into a sleeve-like shape. By removing a significant part of the stomach, the patient cannot eat as much food. Also, this operation eliminates the hunger-promoting hormone called ghrelin, so patients can expect cravings to be a thing of the past following recovery.

Gastric bypass, or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, is the traditional weight loss surgery available. The procedure involves stapling off the majority of the stomach and leaving an egg-sized portion where nutrition passes through to the rerouted intestines. Fewer nutrients are able to be absorbed, so patients must follow a strict diet both to lose weight and get adequate nutrition.

Each bariatric surgery method is unique and produces different results for patients, depending on their health profile. For example, many patients prefer how customizable the LAP-BAND surgery is with its fills and adjustments of the band, yet others may not be driven to undergo the necessary follow-up appointments. At LAP-BAND VIP, your doctor will make sure to clearly discuss with you the procedure which will provide the best results for your particular situation and needs. Advances in technology make bariatric surgery a safer option than ever before for patients who want to finally lose the weight which has hampered their everyday activities.


Dr. Shahram Salimitari obtained a medical degree from the Chicago Medical School and undertook his General Surgery residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago. He continued his training with a fellowship in minimally-invasive surgery at the University of South Florida. He specializes in weight loss surgery with a focus in gastric banding procedures.

LAP-BAND VIP has a dedicated surgical and medical staff with extensive training and expertise perfected through years of practice. Our staff provides unparalleled, personalized service for all individuals in their weight loss journey. To learn more about LAP-BAND VIP and to schedule your free consultation, visit or call (800) 561-9000.

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