Los Angeles Handwriting Expert Beth Chrisman Gains Celebrity Status in and out of the Courtroom

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Los Angeles Forensic Document Examiner, Beth Chrisman, finds success in courtrooms and on television. The youthful and intelligent handwriting expert has been outing forgers and frauds on daytime TV as well as in court rooms in across Southern California.

Handwriting Expert Los Angeles Beth Chrisman

Beth Chrisman Handwriting Expert Forensic Document Examiner

Beth Chrisman is a seasoned professional who fills that bill. She is articulate, smart, concise, and a joy to work with.” Says Debbie Alpert, Senior Producer of the television show, Judge Joe Brown.

Daytime TV viewers might not know her name, but if they watch any courtroom genre TV shows, they will probably recognize her face. Beth Chrisman is that youthful and intelligent handwriting expert who has been outing forgers and frauds on daytime TV over the past few years. In March of 2012, syndicated Swift Justice re-runs featuring Beth Chrisman were already running in markets nationwide, after first airing in February of 2012. In the past two years, she has appeared on the syndicated courtroom shows: Swift Justice with Nancy Grace, Judge Karen, and Swift Justice with Jackie Glass as well as consulted with Judge Joe Brown’s staff. If those viewers from Burbank were to walk down the halls of the L.A. Superior Court building… they might see her there too. Since moving her forensic document examination business from Texas to Los Angeles four years ago, she has had over a hundred clients and has been named a court qualified handwriting expert in Ventura, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles County Superior Courts as well as the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

Just like trial attorneys, courtroom genre producers are constantly in need of a qualified and eloquent expert witnesses to give added insight to the evidence at trial. Unlike a civil courtroom testimony, the forensic document examiner (aka: handwriting expert) only gets a few minutes to explain her microscopic observations, her courtroom exhibits, and the results of her analysis. In real life, an expert witness may spend hours on the stand elaborating on their extensive training, reviewing exhibits, and detailed analysis procedures as they are examined by attorneys from both sides of the case.

According to Swift Justice Producer, Jessica Guerra, “Not only was Beth prepared ahead of time, she also was able to improvise and provide clear, articulated opinions on the spot, when unexpected situations popped up during taping. Because Beth is so knowledgeable about her field, she always finds a way to convey complex ideas and give her expert opinion with simplicity and clarity. I will hire her again and again.”

"Not many forensic document examiners are ready for Prime Time," says Bart Baggett, an internationally recognized handwriting expert who has appeared on CNN's Larry King Live, Texas Justice, Judge Judy & the Today Show. He continues,"TV Producers find it refreshing to find an actual working forensic handwriting expert who understands the medium of live television. Let’s face it; most industry experts aren’t very clear or concise in an everyday conversation. You can imagine what the added pressure of brevity and live TV does to their confidence. Courtroom genre TV shows have no actors, no scripts, and the judge enters a binding legal decision. The on-air experts must be vetted and qualified to step on that witness stand."

“During my twenty years of television production, it has always been a difficult task to find and hire an expert that is both court qualified, as well as someone who understands the fast-paced world of television. Beth Chrisman is a seasoned professional who fills that bill. She is articulate, smart, concise, and a joy to work with,” says Debbie Alpert, Senior Producer of the television show, Judge Joe Brown.

Because Beth Chrisman lives and works in Los Angeles, she has a short commute to the Ventura, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino county court houses. Likewise, many major courtroom TV shows taped in or near Los Angeles.

“I actually enjoy the process of deposition and testifying in court. Although a majority of the cases I am retained for do not require a court appearance, I have to say the fact that the trial attorneys know I am a seasoned court qualified expert witness, is the key reason I get referrals and hired again by the same law firms.” Stated Beth Chrisman from her Sherman Oaks, California office.

“Our law firm found Ms. Chrisman's services to be efficient, professional, reliable, cost-effective, and extremely helpful in our court documentation. There is no question that when we need an expert in forensic documentation examination again, that we will choose to use Beth Chrisman. Respectfully, Sherman L. Lister, Esq.”

It’s not just TV producers and big law firms who keep designating Ms. Chrisman as their handwriting expert. Individuals from across the country send her documents to detect forgeries, fraud, alterations, and even fight foreclosures as part of the ongoing “robo-signing” fraud involving mortgage companies. When asked about her newly found celebrity status, Beth blushed and explained, “Recently, a client asked she could have her picture taken with me because she saw me on television. I think it is charming. I’m not sure being a regular on a courtroom TV show qualifies me as a celebrity, but I always smile and pose for the photos.”

Beth Chrisman doesn’t see herself as a television star. She is the mother of two teenagers who require their Mom to chauffer them to school, fix them breakfast, and remind them to clean their room. She explains in her slightly southern accent, “I decided to become a forensic handwriting expert so I could help people, make a good living, and have time to spend with my kids. The fact that they put me on TV and my clients love me is just the icing on the cake!”

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Beth Chrisman, Handwriting Expert California is based in Southern California and provides help to attorneys, victims of forgery, and altered documents through handwriting analysis and document examination. Ms. Chrisman has been practicing since 2006. For more information please contact her office by phone at 310-957-2521 or visit http://handwritingexpertcalifornia.com.

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