Lottery Winner of Multiple State Lotteries Gives State Lottery Secrets Away in Tell All Book

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Lottery winner of multiple state lotteries is now giving away his state lottery secrets in a new tell all book. Multimillionaire Ken Silver has won state lotteries for over 25 years using a simple mathematical formula that anyone can use to win more lottery, powerball and similar contests.

Lottery winner gives state lottery secrets away
I wanted to keep my book cheap, offer a complete refund for those not successful and give away all my secrets that helped me.

Lottery winner, Ken Silver has won the lottery so many times he lost count according to his new e-book. This multimillionaire and multiple state lottery winner is now giving away all of his treasured secrets for winning lotteries. The new Lottery Secrets e-book was authored by Ken to be an informative guide to those that are tired of losing at state lotteries, Powerball or other types of lottery games. The informative e-book now gives anyone access to Ken’s unique system that has earned him millions of dollars in the past 25 years. The lottery e-book can be downloaded at this link straight from Ken’s lottery website.

Recent lottery winnings have totaled over 1 billion dollars in the U.S. Most states have lottery systems in place that allow any legal adult to play regardless of the odds of winning. The national average price for a lottery ticket in the U.S. is $1.50 with millions of these tickets sold in every state each month. According to Ken’s Lottery Secrets e-book, the lottery can be played more effectively using a precise formula that has worked well for millionaires like Ken that know the secrets.

Research studies are completed annually that detail that amount of lottery winners in the U.S. and Canada. These studies reveal that not all people that play the lottery and win are able to hold on to earnings. These studies report that over 60 percent of lottery winners since 1990 have given over 50 percent of earnings to friends or family members. After taxation and after gifts of generosity, some lottery winners receive quite less than what they expected initially.

“A person does not have to do anything differently to use my proven system when playing the lottery,” said Ken Silver, author and multimillionaire. “I wanted to keep my book cheap, offer a complete refund for those not successful and give away all my secrets that helped me,” added silver.

According to lottery winners like Ken, luck has little to do with the actual process of winning. Choosing numbers like birthdays, special dates or with number generators is not the most effective way to win the lottery. A proven system that is detailed inside of the Lottery Secrets e-book can be applied to any lottery in any part of the world.

“What never changes regardless of the lottery is the numbers used,” said Ken Silver. “It’s learning how to use the numbers that creates lottery winners not luck,” concluded Silver.

A person that plays the lottery regularly and would like to increase lottery winnings could benefit from reading Ken’s informative Lottery Secrets e-book. A complete 60-day money back guarantee is offered to all lottery players that do not achieve state lottery success using Ken’s proven lottery winning tips and techniques.

About Lottery Secrets E-Book

Ken Silver is a multimillionaire lottery winner that has cracked just about every state lottery in the United States. Ken’s unique system is based on a series of tricks that one can easily incorporate into any lottery. Ken authored his Lottery Secrets e-book to help those around the country that would like to learn to win nearly every time that a lottery is played. Instead of relying on luck, Ken designed his Lottery Secrets e-book around the very methods that he uses each month to play and win lotteries around the world.

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