Physicist Louis Del Monte Introduces New Theories to Address Perplexing Scientific Mysteries

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Author Louis A. Del Monte's new book, Unraveling the Universe's Mysteries, is available on

Louis A. Del Monte

In my new book, Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe, I explore the edge of science, where physics and metaphysics blur.

Louis A. Del Monte, Physicist, Author, and CEO, presents provocative new theories to address several of science’s most baffling mysteries in his new book, Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries, available today at

Del Monte examines several thought-provoking theories written in a style that is easily understood by almost anyone interested in cosmology mysteries. Among the most profound concepts presented include:

What caused the Big Bang? Del Monte extensively explores a new theory he calls the Big Bang Duality theory. Contrary to a formation of a single infinitely energy dense particle as the cause, Del Monte posits that the Big Bang Duality occurred when an infinitely energy dense matter-antimatter particle pair collided and initiated the Big Bang. This new theory explains the almost complete absence of antimatter in the universe.

What is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate? Del Monte theorizes Big Bang duality caused the initial acceleration (inflation) of the universe. In addition, Del Monte mathematically links existence (defined as movement in time) to negative kinetic energy in an equation he named the Existence Equation Conjecture. Del Monte argues the negative energy required to sustain existence is being syphoned from the universe itself, causing the expansion to accelerate.

What is dark matter? Scientific theorists have hypothesized dark matter is a weakly interactive massive particle (WIMP). However, it has eluded all experimental detection, and it is not predicted to exist by the Standard Model, the most revered theory of particle physics. Given the current environment, Del Monte argues that dark matter may not be a particle, but a new form of energy.

Time, Existence and Energy. Del Monte demonstrates that existence, movement in time, requires negative energy. Using this theory, he explains the physics behind existence and time dilation, as interpreted in his Existence Equation Conjecture.

Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries (available at today) provides entertainment and new scientific possibilities for even more mysteries of the universe. For more information about the author, articles and contact information, visit

Visit Del Monte On Science YouTube channel for thought provoking videos that explore some of the universe’s most perplexing mysteries.

About the author: Louis A. Del Monte is an author, physicist and the Chief Executive Officer of Del Monte and Associates, Inc. For over thirty years, he was a leader in the development of microelectronics for IBM and Honeywell before forming a high-tech e-marketing agency and authoring his first cosmology book, Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries. He has a B.S. degree in Physics and Chemistry and an M.S. degree in Physics, published numerous technical papers, and developed several patents fundamental to the fabrication of integrated circuits. Del Monte is the recipient of the H.W. Sweat Award for scientific/engineering achievement and the Lund Award for human resource management excellence.

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