New Online Social Network PlusWho Helps Women Meet New Friends Offline

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More than just another community of online “friends,” PlusWho is a free, new social network designed to help women find new friends on the same strictly platonic page, and more importantly, in the same geographic area. Using a blend of proprietary and traditional features, the site enables spontaneous get-togethers for those eager to meet new people in person, as well as back-and-forth messaging, for anyone who prefers to spend time getting to know a potential friend first.

An icon on each user’s profile, allows a woman with a little time on her hands, to instantly find an activity partner and potential friend, at her fingertips.

While new social network PlusWho favors logging off as opposed to on, and quality over quantity when making friends, the intention is not to diminish existing ones, in the virtual, or real world. According to Founder, Camille Taylor, “There are times however when your besties are unavailable, due to lifestyle or location, they’re just not interested in the same activities, or your go-to ‘girlfriend’ is your husband, and he’s tired of holding your purse. Then there are those moments where a woman simply wants to talk to, and hang out with, someone who can relate to exactly where she is and what she’s going through at a particular time, like a fellow bride-to-be, expectant mom or entrepreneur.”

With an emphasis on similar lifestyles and shared interests, habits, backgrounds, passions, aspirations and even availability, PlusWho allows for a more relatable experience, and truer connections between women who may have otherwise never met. Potential new friends are suggested based on proximity and preferences, or members can simply search the unique profiles to their heart’s desire.

Much of the expected awkwardness associated with making new friends, is eliminated by the fact that every member of PlusWho is on the social network for the same reason. The rest is managed by a variety of features that make it easy to introduce oneself, start a conversation, chat online and even meet up offline, as soon as today.

At the press of a button, See If We Click™ lets a user initiate communication without having to invest the time or energy to compose a message. The selected member receives an automated invitation to check out the sender’s profile. She can then reply accordingly, knowing that interest in a potential friendship already exists.

Let’s Go Today™ enables plans to be a made on a whim. Got last-minute concert tickets? Feel like hitting up Happy Hour after work? Just want to leave the house? An icon on each user’s profile, allows a woman with a little time on her hands, to instantly find an activity partner and potential friend, at her fingertips. She simply indicates what she’d like to do that day, then, looks forward to seeing who will respond. The desire is visibly posted, but only until midnight, so members interested in joining her have to act quickly.

Admittedly, using an online social network to add friends to one’s real life, is a bit ironic. But, if PlusWho can alleviate the loneliness of women who might be feeling the holiday blues, or assist others who have simply resolved to expand their social circles and lives in the New Year, who wouldn’t “Like” that?


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