Marble Media LLC’s Discusses Baggage Handling for Second-Time Marriages

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The newest blog from Marble Media LLC’s guides readers on how to avoid bringing first marriage baggage into a second marriage.

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All marriages require work, but the rewards of a happy and mutually respectful partnership make it all worthwhile.

The newest blog from the relationship advice website guides readers embarking on a second go-around at marriage on how to leave first marriage baggage behind. Titled "Baggage Handling for Second Marriages: Check it at the Door," guest blogger Liz Ernst advises readers heading down the aisle for their second chance at love to embark on their new marriage with the same enthusiasm as the first.

Despite the wisdom that goes with experience, many second marriages get off to a shaky start because one or both haven’t left old baggage behind. It’s natural to have some reservations early in a post-divorce relationship, but by the time the couple has decided to say “I do,” old haunts should be long since ironed out.

"You've heard the term: baggage," Ernst says."This kind of baggage does nothing for your new journey but take up space and wear your relationship down."

Ernst encourages readers to keep in mind they're not marrying the same person a second time, but rather entering into a new relationship; experience should provide the wisdom to avoid repeating old mistakes. Judge a new spouse and relationship on its own merits, and resist the temptation to compare it with the first go-around.

"Not everyone cheats simply because you were cheated on once before,” Ernst says. “Not every spouse lies just because your first spouse lied to you, and not every spouse becomes argumentative, has to win every argument, won't listen, can't get the message.

“It's unfair to compare your new relationship to a failed one based on past miseries, or live your life waiting for things to turn sour because that's what happened the last time.”

Entering into a second marriage should be done with the same joy and optimism that a first marriage conjures, maybe even more since people are expected to learn from their mistakes. "All marriages require work,” Ernst says, "but the rewards of a happy and mutually respectful partnership make the work worthwhile.”

“You have a second chance at love, so take it,” Ernst says. “Leave the old, tired baggage at the door.”

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