Mayan Calendar End Date, What Does it Really Mean?

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As December approaches, the fear around the Mayan calendar comes up once again. This Thursday on Margaret M Radio, an in-depth discussion of this topic will take place. Is this simply the end of a calendar, or is there something else hidden behind the energy of the Mayan Calendar cycle and the date December 21, 2012?

Margaret McElroy

Margaret M Radio taps into esoteric knowledge and brings it to the world in a way that is both accessible and entertaining. All shows are broadcast in a live video webcast on and the audio portion is also streamed live to Blog Talk Radio.

Again & Again

On this week’s show, Valerie Shinn and Karen Downing will be discussing the Astrological energies present on the day December 21, 2012. Find out about how much astrology plays a role in this prophecy and also why there is so much fear around this approaching timeline. The phone lines will be open to take questions from the listening audience. Again & Again provides information to assist anyone in taking control of their life by using astrology and the development of their innate intuitive gifts. Each show begins with a quick discussion of what is taking place in the sky, before diving into the weekly topic. To round out the show, an affirmation, crystal and Bach Flower Essence will be discussed as healing tools to partner with the weekly theme. Again & Again begins at 7:00 pm Pacific time.

Out of the Blue

On this week’s show, Linda Zeppa and Jean Luo will be talking about the energy of Sagittarius. The color for this week’s show is Lavender Violet. Linda Zeppa is an intuitive writing instructor and educator; on each show, she shares different writing exercises to facilitate the creative process. Jean Luo is a past life regressionist, color therapist, reader and astrologer. Out of the Blue starts at 6:00 pm Pacific time.

Transform Your Life!

Dennis and Karen Dossett use their wisdom and knowledge of various healing modalities to share information for self-transformation. This week on Transform Your Life!, Karen and Dennis Dossett will be talking about emotional healing for the chakras. Tune in to discover how the keys to healing body, mind, and spirit through the chakras lie in healing the emotions that cause physical pain, disease, and the accompanying psychological stress and dis-ease. Join Karen and Dennis on Thursday at 5:00 pm Pacific time and Transform Your Life!

Live questions are welcome on all shows, and anyone can participate in the conversation in the chat room, or by calling in during the shows. Visit the Margaret M Radio webcast page during the live radio shows to join in the fun. Shows will be archived for later viewing.

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