Tis the Season to Get a Part Time Job, According to November Persuadable Research Survey

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According to a November Persuadable Research survey, 29% have less money to spend than last year. Even though it’s not easy to make ends meet for many Americans, gift giving is particularly important to over half of the respondents. In fact, this desire drives many to take on extra work, sell things or use their holiday bonus money to purchase gifts for family and friends.

Working For Holiday Cash
Over half, 60%, plan to spend over $300 on gifts.

If holiday shopping wasn’t enough to stress us out, try taking on additional workload in order to afford gifts. According to a November Persuadable Research survey, 29% have less money to spend than last year. Still, over half, 60%, plan to spend over $300 on gifts for friends, family and others. Where will this money come from besides regular employment? A significant number will take on more work,13%, sell something, 12%, or use holiday bonus money, 12%, to buy gifts.

It’s not easy to make ends meet for many Americans these days, but the holiday season is really important to many respondents. Over half, 56%, place high importance on the ability to give holiday gifts. Moreover, the chance to spend quality time with family and friends is exciting or extremely exciting to 43% of panelists. This excitement appears to be what fuels the need for people to take on extra work. Besides work, according to a variety of online sources, people might hold garage sales, sell things online, or even donate plasma to earn extra holiday cash.

To top it off, there are so many people to buy gifts for these days. While most panelists stated that they focus on immediate family members, 81%, almost half, 47%, purchase gifts for friends. Co-workers are not forgotten according to 16% of respondents. Others who received gifts include teachers, 11%, bosses, 8%, mail carriers, 8%, and hair dressers, 4%, to name a few.

The pressure of the holiday season is evident by one panelist stating that, “Money is tight, and I am worried about not having enough money to buy the things my family wants for Christmas.” With so much additional financial pressure, it’s not hard to see why 25% of panelists are not excited at all about the holidays. Perhaps, focusing on spending time with friends and family instead of gift giving is something that could ease people’s burdens this year and make the season truly enjoyable. One panelist said, “Being with family, sharing happy feelings, enjoying great meals together, feeling the love from family, friends and even strangers” is why they are excited about this holiday season. It may be time to shift our focus as a nation.

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