The Pert Group Helps Market Researchers Uncover the Insights that Matter

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The Pert Group teaches national market research professionals to think outside the “data” box

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Balancing Data and Dialogue: Cultivating Insights that Matter

Whether the goal is to penetrate a new market segment, win back lost customers or improve brand loyalty, market research professionals are challenged with addressing very real, specific and critical business issues every day. And while data often surfaces an organization’s challenges with customer acquisition or churn, it takes a dialogue with the customer to truly understand the issues behind the data.

During a training session at this year’s American Marketing Association (AMA) Applied Research Methods Conference, market research professionals learned exactly how to leverage the combined power of transactional data, market information and customer voice to gain the relevant and actionable insights they need to shape and drive successful business and marketing strategy for their companies.

The session, titled “Balancing Data and Dialogue: Cultivating Insights that Matter,” was facilitated by Barb Murphy, Senior Vice President of Market Planning and Development at The Pert Group. Using an interactive process, Murphy helped participants experience how to integrate data and customer dialogue to obtain optimal business outcomes.

“It’s all about identifying and overcoming the barriers to accessing relevant customer data,” said Murphy. “By understanding the most effective methodologies to facilitate worthwhile dialogues, and by bringing the data and dialogue together to create an integrated insights strategy, market researchers will avoid decision-making based solely on surface level or one-dimensional data.”

During the session, held in Philadelphia from April 19 – 21, 2010, Murphy told participants that the first step in the process is to identify and define the specific business and marketing challenges your company is trying to solve. “Once you know where you’re going, it’s easier to get there. All too often market researchers are given visibility to only a set of information needs and not the real business challenge driving the request,” she said.

Next, it’s important to define your critical information needs. “What is it you need to know to develop an informed recommendation or solution?” Murphy asked. Providing participants with a framework and information matrix to link internal data, external data and customer voice or primary research, she enabled them to integrate all of their data and knowledge against each critical information need and, as a result, easily identify where they needed to fill their knowledge gaps.

“Using this holistic approach allows researchers to maximize the data and information they already have access to and ultimately build more focused primary research initiatives. It saves the organization time and money,” she said.

Finally, Murphy encouraged participants to really consider the audience or audiences with whom they’ll be sharing the outcomes and recommendations. “Researchers get a bad wrap when it comes to their ability to synthesize information down to what’s really relevant. It’s important to provide information in a way that is appealing on both a rational and emotional level,” she said. “Personal preferences and the organizational culture must be accounted for in order to achieve a positive response and enable the organization to effectively use the insights you’ve delivered.”

For more insight on The Pert Group’s AMA training session, contact Barb Murphy: Barb.Murphy(at)thepertgroup(dot)com; 816.448.3054

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