Designed to Keep Husbands Off the Couch - New Website Plans to Strengthen Marriage by Reminding Husbands How to Be Romantic

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A great marriage is the foundation for a great life. HusbandHero , a new web service launched this month, brings back the spark of first love by providing fun, simple, romantic ideas to husbands. By making romance convenient for busy husbands, couples can renew the excitement that brought them together in the first place. Now the Husbands can be the Heroes their wives dream about.

Men have reminders in place to renew their magazines, pay the bills, and fix the car, but there isn't an easy system out there to remind them to be romantic or to jumpstart their creativity. That's where we come in

It's no secret that romance and marriage don't always go hand in hand. Active, multi-tasking wives and busy, but well-intentioned husbands frequently find themselves living more like roommates than lovers. It's almost expected that husbands will forget important anniversaries or completely halt the romantic gestures that were so plentiful during the courtship. In spite of the stresses of children, finances, and all it takes to keep a married couple together these days, a new website launched this week, called HusbandHero, is determined to keep husbands off the couch.

HusbandHero ( is an email service that reminds husbands how to be romantic. Each month, subscribed husbands receive "simple, fun, romantic ideas to help them sweep their wives off their feet." It also features a page called the "Better-Half Haven" where wives can list their favorite things (gift ideas, desired experiences, etc.) and a few memories they want to celebrate each year with their husbands (like their first date or first kiss). HusbandHero reminds the husbands of the events that are important to their wives and delivers the ideas for romance in a format that can work for even the most romantically-challenged husbands. The price for this service? About a dollar a month.

HusbandHero's founders, April and Eric Perry, have been happily married for ten years and have built this business together over the past several months while also juggling the tasks involved with raising their four children and serving in the community. April, who received her degree in Communications, oversees the creative development, and Eric, who received his undergraduate degree in Accounting and an MBA from Harvard, takes care of the business side of things.

"We wanted to offer married couples something that brings back the excitement of courtship," says April. "When we were dating, I would get butterflies of excitement in my stomach every time Eric called me or knocked at my door. We have a great marriage and have been in love for the past ten years, but now that he has HusbandHero working for him, the butterflies are officially back!"

"Men have reminders in place to renew their magazines, pay the bills, and fix the car, but there isn't an easy system out there to remind them to be romantic or to jumpstart their creativity. That's where we come in," said Eric.

Each monthly email features four easy, romantic ideas, ranging from no cost to high cost. An example of a "no-cost" idea would be to write a love letter to your wife (burn the edges if you want to get fancy), roll it up, and place it inside a bottle floating in a hot bubble bath you have drawn for her. Invite her to go relax while you do the dishes or clean up the house a little. A "high-cost" idea might be to whisk your wife away for a ride in a hot air balloon. Pack a picnic lunch, put a blindfold on her when you get close to the launch point, and enjoy being close as you float toward the clouds.

The Perrys draw much of their inspiration for the romantic ideas--mostly G-rated--from their own observation, experiences, and creativity. "We just ask ourselves, 'What would I like my spouse to do for me?' and then we develop and share romantic ideas in ways that are doable for us and other busy couples. Our ideas fall into the basic categories of romance: gifts, acts of service, love letters, spending time together in creative ways, and so forth. It's not that our ideas are completely novel--it's that we deliver them in a way that is simple, fun, and doable--even for the busiest of husbands."

The Better-Half Haven, a feature for the wives, is pitched as an alternative to mind-reading or hint-dropping. The wives are invited to list their favorite gift ideas, some ideal dates and getaways, advice to their husbands on how to handle their feminine moods, and reasons why they fell in love with their husbands in the first place. When listing the occasions they want their husbands to remember, they can specify why that occasion was important to them, what they would like to do to celebrate, and how many days in advance the reminder should be sent. Eric is convinced that "With HusbandHero, becoming more romantic is as easy as checking your email."

In April's mind, "Husbands get a bad rap sometimes. They love their wives and want to make them happy. We, as wives just don't make it very easy when we expect them to know what we're thinking at every moment of the day. I know I've certainly fallen into that at times. HusbandHero spells everything out for the husbands so they can be the romantic heroes their wives dream about."

Eric insists that any husband can be romantic. "We're not suggesting that husbands are 'broken' and need to be fixed…we're simply making romance easy and bringing out the hero that's already there."

Although HusbandHero is designed to remind and help husbands to be romantic, the Perrys have a bigger goal in mind. "It's not just about the husband doing romantic things for his wife--it's about helping couples build relationships founded on love and appreciation for one another. We try to foster that throughout our site and in the emails we send."

"We believe a great marriage is the foundation for a great life, and HusbandHero is the way we hope to reaffirm that principle to the world."

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About the Founders
April and Eric Perry had a whirlwind courtship--hiking, feeding ducks, long talks in the park, boogie-boarding in the ocean--and were married after knowing each other for only eight months. Ten years and four children later, they are more in love than ever before, and they have decided to turn the principles of their successful marriage into a business called HusbandHero. They currently live in Corona, California, and they are thrilled to launch HusbandHero this month.

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