Beyonce Might Have Lost 20 Pounds Using The Master Cleanse, But Is The Diet Safe For Weight Loss?

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There are a growing number of people using the master cleanse to lose weight which could be dangerous.

The Master Cleanse was developed by Stanley Burroughs, an early natural health advocate as a way to cleanse internal waste from your body. The theory behind it is that internal waste causes many of the health problems people face, and when your body is cleansed it will fight disease and operate more efficiently.

The Master Cleanse has come into vogue lately with the announcement that it was used by singer/actress Beyonce Knowles to lose weight for her role in the movie Dreamgirls.

Raylen Sterling, author of the Master Cleanse Secrets book cations against using the Master Cleanse specifically to lose weight. While most people will experience some weight loss when doing the Master Cleanse the primary benefit of the cleanse is to detox your body.

About the weight you do lose on the Master Cleanse, most of it will be internal waste that passes out of your system and water. The Master Cleanse is typically done for 10 days, and it is not possible to lose much fat in that short of time.

The problem with using the Master Cleanse as a reducing diet is that people will experience rapid weight loss while on the cleanse, but not realize that it's mostly fluids they are losing. As a result they stay on the Master Cleanse longer then the recommended 10 days. This practice can lead to a reduction in lean muscle, and can even slow your metabolism if you stay on the restrictive Master Cleanse for too long.

The Master Cleanse is helpful for dieting and weight loss, but the real benefits come after you finish the cleanse.

Anyone thinking about using the Master Cleanse to lose weight should keep in mind that when you use the Master Cleanse as it is intended you will naturally break poor eating habits. This happens after you finish the cleanse. After having gone for 10 days without heavy foods and processed sugar many people find they no longer desire them when they finish doing the Master Cleanse. As a result they find it easier to adopt a healthy eating plan after finishing the Master Cleanse.

About the Master Cleanse:

The Master Cleanse works by drinking a lemonade mixture containing fresh lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and grade B maple syrup for 10 days. A laxative is also recommended to help promote eliminations during the cleanse.

About Raylen Sterling:

Raylen is the author of the Master Cleanse Secrets book, and the webmaster of


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