A Matchmaker Who has Changed the Lives of Two Women Over 15 Years

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Matchmaker of the century Hellen Chen is known for her tenacity in working with relationship issues. Last weekend, she married two couples, one of which has a 15 years story behind to share.

With brides and grooms in hand, a happy matchmaker Hellen Chen (Center) strides forward with a message that love does exist

With brides and grooms in hand, a happy matchmaker Hellen Chen (Center) strides forward with a message that love does exist

Last weekend, renown matchmaker Hellen Chen married off two couples at the same day in Taipei, Taiwan.

One of the brides has a unique story that started 15 years ago.

The bride's mom Irene had knocked on the doors of unorthodox matchmaker Hellen Chen while in the middle of a messy divorce. She had literally no money and had a 4-year-old daughter in tow.

Little did Chen know that her extend of hand to help Irene would turn into a 15 year story, which would affect the lives of two women drastically.

After her divorce, Irene had no self-confidence and would not consider herself worthy of marriage or any relationship. Having been dependent on her ex-husband all her life, she felt she had no skills to start a new life over again.

"My own mom passed away when I was very young. And after losing my marriage, I felt my life had been losses after losses," Irene said.

Chen worked with her painstakingly and helped her find her own feet. It took several years where Irene finally knew she was not as bad as the picture she had painted for herself.

At the same time, the matchmaker spared no effort to encourage her to date and get to know new suitors. Several years later, Irene found courage to get married again.

"I thought my life was ruined after my divorce. I was penniless and in my mind, I was literally a nobody. Hellen saved my life. She also did an incredible thing for our family. She unconditionally helped my daughter," said Irene, who has been married for 6 years now.

Not completely understanding her parents' divorce, Irene's daughter Eva grew up to despise her mom and was constantly fighting with her stepmom as her father married again.

Chen waited patiently for Eva's turn of heart as she befriended her.

At the same time, Chen slowly taught Eva about her own responsibilities and helped her to mend her relationship with her divorced parents. Eva was able to finally come to terms about the separation and she no longer viewed her mom as a failure but someone she would care for and love, no matter what her actions had been.

Last weekend, a grown-up Eva stepped onto the red carpet with the man of her dreams. Her matchmaker was none other than Chen.

"It brought tears to my eyes," said Chen. "Very often, situations might not go the way we want. Break-ups and estranged relationships would often make one forget that true love exists. But look harder, you will see love right in front of your eyes."

Chen has been interviewed by over 200 radio, TV networks and publications in 18 countries about her family and relationships advice for men and women. Unlike traditional matchmakers, she has often worked with men and women who have given up on love. Thus she is also lovingly called the "Matchmaker of the Century" and her book of the same title has become a number one relationship bestseller on Barnes and Noble.

"There has been a lot of emphasis on achievements in careers and in schools. There is nothing wrong with that. At the same time, let's ask ourselves, if it is time for us to leave this world, would we regret not having worked that extra day in the office or make that extra dollar? Or would we regret not having love someone more when we could?" Chen added.

"No one is born to be a natural wife or husband. Failures do not mean you cannot learn how to be a better wife or husband and try again," said Chen

To bring her message about finding happiness in relationships, Chen traveled around the world and also actively held love workshops to teach singles and couples how to improve the quality of love in their life.

Her next love workshop will be held on July 20th in Los Angeles.

To learn more about Hellen Chen's philosophies, visit http://MatchmakerOfTheCentury.com

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