Health Alert: Matthew Vettese Calls for Access to Healthy Foods

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Low-income families often do not have access to or cannot afford healthy foods. Feeding America highlights obesity and serious health conditions as the results of many low-income diets. Matthew Vettese calls for healthy foods to become more affordable and accessible to fight the epidemic of obesity in the United States.

Throughout the year, individuals and organizations call attention to issues surrounding nutrition, diet, and health. But these are issues that should be attended to all year, not just over the course of one month. Fortunately, organizations like Feeding America and individuals like Matthew Vettese advocate for these causes year round. Most recently, the Huffington Post has highlighted the dangers that low-income nutrition presents to millions of Americans. Matthew Vettese, a nutrition expert, asserts that these dangers could be avoided with access to healthy foods for all families, not just those in the middle and upper economic classes. As a result, he is calling for the development of more affordable and healthy options.

Nutritious foods, including organic produce and other products, are much more expensive than their processed counterparts. For this reason, many lower income families must survive on lower quality food. Vicki Escarra, the author of the aforementioned article, states, "Families with limited resources are often forced to purchase low-cost, high-filler foods in order to stretch their grocery budgets further."

For this reason, low-income families are more prone to obesity and the various health complications it creates. According to Escarra, "Not only is a food-insecure person's risk of becoming overweight or obese higher, but so is their likelihood of developing diet-related illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes."

Matthew Vettese knows that Feeding America and other organizations are striving to improve the accessibility of healthy foods to low-income families. Through food donations, education, and the support of community gardens, Matthew Vettese is proud to say that Feeding America has made a difference in the lives of countless individuals. These are the initiatives that will last, Matthew Vettese believes.

"While giving out healthy food is great, it isn't creating lasting change," commented Matthew Vettese. "Educating people about healthy foods while providing them will create a generation more committed to nutrition. By doing so, Feeding America helps people access healthy foods right now while teaching them where to secure them in the future."

As the fight for access to healthy food continues, Matthew Vettese and Feeding America hope that awareness efforts will contribute to more consistent attention to the nation's nutrition problems. As a result, they would like to see healthier foods made accessible to all economic classes, not just those that have the money to afford their currently exorbitant prices.


Matthew Vettese is a nutrition expert who has dedicated many hours to studying the healthiest foods. Passionate about nutrition, Matthew Vettese believes that all people have the right to access to healthy foods that support rather than harm the body. As such, he is an advocate of educational and community efforts to provide information and resources concerning a healthy diet.

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