MaximRMS Announces Expanded Relationship with Hyatt

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Customization of advanced market-leading revenue management provides competitive price/demand market response and dynamic pricing for profit optimization.

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The MaximRMS business intelligence analytic capabilities allow staff at many levels throughout the organization to accelerate their access to important performance metrics and trends.

Maxim® Revenue Management Solutions (MaximRMS) shared more details today on Hyatt Corporation’s significant expansion of its revenue management capabilities using MaximRMS advanced technologies. “This investment by Hyatt expands Hyatt’s long-standing business relationship with MaximRMS,” states Steven Gelb, CEO and founder of MaximRMS. Hyatt and MaximRMS have agreed to three major initiatives:

-Customization of highly advanced market leading revenue management capabilities, featuring competitive price/demand market response and dynamic pricing for profit optimization.

-Immediate full deployment of the MaximRMS hospitality business intelligence system.

-Long-term global licensing of MaximRMS patented advanced predictive analytic mathematical forecasting and optimization system.

Greg Cross, Senior Vice President of Revenue Management for Hyatt said, “As a key part of our strategy to remain leaders in the hospitality industry, we are making new investments in the MaximRMS advanced predictive analytic technology in order to increase the performance of Hyatt properties in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. By deploying Maxim’s high value revenue management capabilities, we are endeavoring to improve revenue realization, speed response to competitive actions and changes in demand, increase decision making efficiency, and improve profitability across all brands.”

Hyatt Relies on MaximRMS Technology Across Hotel Segments

“The MaximRMS revenue management system has been a powerful strategic and tactical tool, enabling our teams to rapidly implement our strategies,” said Cross. “The MaximRMS revenue management technology is a significant competitive advantage for us.”

Steven Gelb, CEO of MaximRMS said, “Hyatt has tightly integrated the MaximRMS revenue management technology into its operations at Hyatt hotels. This technology has the advanced predictive analytic capabilities to handle the largest and most complex full-service convention hotel, is nimble and easy to use for smaller resort or limited service properties, and includes comprehensive business intelligence capabilities to answer critical business questions and enable immediate actions across properties and brands.”

The MaximRMS e.FLEX system has been in use by full-service Hyatt properties since 2007. In 2009 and 2010, Hyatt deployed a version of e.FLEX at its select service properties. In late 2011, Hyatt rolled out the latest Group Sales functions of the Maxim system to manage and price group room business at full-service Hyatt hotels. Currently, the market leading MaximRMS hospitality business intelligence system is being deployed throughout Hyatt properties.

Market Leading Analytic Business Intelligence System Accelerates Decision Making

Hyatt is deploying the MaximRMS hospitality business intelligence (BI) system. This technology provides a comprehensive package for hotels and hotel chains to understand, manage, and profit from their various hotel properties. This hotel business intelligence system combines all the detailed hotel and competitive data available with advanced analytics to explain and evaluate past and future hotel performance, deliver recommended actions, and optimize decision-making.

According to Cross, “The MaximRMS business intelligence analytic capabilities allow staff at many levels throughout the organization to accelerate their access to important performance metrics and trends. We can gain insights into competitive actions, quickly spot areas that need attention, and easily use the analytical tools to rapidly drive our business forward and improve hotel and chain-wide performance.”

Steven Gelb, CEO of MaximRMS, characterizes the MaximRMS hospitality business intelligence system as, “Extending the e.FLEX revenue management system to become a crucial analytic, decision-making, and action-oriented center for hotel chains and properties of all types.”

Additional MaximRMS Capabilities Extend Hyatt’s Revenue Management Leadership

Hyatt is also adopting and customizing advanced new features and capabilities in the very adaptable MaximRMS technology. The new capabilities span advanced mathematical forecasting and optimization methods, new predictive analytic tools, and group revenue management functions. The market leading capabilities and features are designed to contribute to better hotel performance, greater revenues, and less manual efforts by the users. The system includes the advanced revenue management capability to:

Dynamically incorporate price elasticity from changing customer behaviors into the MaximRMS patented “state contingent” price sensitive optimization to produce profit maximizing pricing and optimal rate control.

Optimize hotel rates based on the market’s dynamic response to competitive demand and rate actions.

About Maxim Revenue Management Solutions (MaximRMS)
Maxim® Revenue Management Solutions (MaximRMS) provides the easiest to use and most effective suite of revenue maximization and forecasting systems available to the worldwide travel and hospitality industry. Installed in nearly 1,000 hotels, the MaximRMS e.FLEX software is powered by patented mathematical algorithms that evolved from the most successful profit optimization technology underpinning airlines, car rental, cruise lines, shipping… the entire travel and transportation industry for three decades. The newest version of MaximRMS e.FLEX has the unique ability to dynamically respond to emerging travel trends, price sensitive distribution channels, competitive position, and complex customer segmentation. Operators using MaximRMS e.FLEX have been able to outpace their competitive sets on average over 25%. Superior performance, combined with significantly lower total cost of ownership than similar systems and large scale rapid deployment – for example, to over 65,000 rooms in 13 weeks – maximize ROI and produce a payback measured in weeks. MaximRMS e.FLEX has been designed and built from the ground-up for large international hotel organizations with multiple brands, complex segmentation, and properties of every size, type and business mix, ranging from 5,000 room convention hotels to small select service properties. With MaximRMS e.FLEX, customers improve RevPAR from the first night of use, speed response to competitive actions and changes in consumer behavior, increase decision-making efficiency, and improve profitability across all properties. For more information please visit or call 1.773.665.1400.

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