McCann E-Investigations Houston Computer Forensics Division Releases Follow Up Article - More Ways to Hide Digital Affairs

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McCann E-Investigations (McCann EI) releases the next in a series of articles on infidelity; targeting family law. This article provides 10 more ways in which a cheating spouse may try to hide an illicit affair utilizing their iPhone.

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Even if the data has been deleted, it is often recoverable. If the data is password protected, often the passwords can be cracked.

McCann E-Investigations (McCann EI) Houston Computer Forensics Division announces publication of article – More Ways to Hide a Digital Affair . This article is the second in a series that bring to light the different ways in which the digital evidence of an affair can be hidden. Smart phones are often the key device used in communications between an unfaithful spouse or significant other and the "other" man/woman. In the past, eye-witness accounts and photographs (often obtained by private investigators) were often the primary evidence obtained of an affair. In this digital world, much of the evidence is stored in hard drives on computers, laptops and especially on smart phones. The cheater has to be careful to erase the “digital footprint” of the affair if they don’t want to get caught.

“With the right knowledge and tools, the digital evidence of an affair can be discovered.” said Dan Weiss, Partner at McCann E-Investigations.” “Even if the data has been deleted, it is often recoverable. If the data is password protected, often the passwords can be cracked.” Continued Weiss.

10 more ways in which to hide the digital evidence of an affair:
1.    Always use a passcode! This is a given!
2.    Set passcode to a minimal amount of time to lock phone automatically.
3.    Set iPhone passcode to "complex" code. The default 4 digit can be easily guessed.
4.    Set iPhone security to wipe phone after 10 incorrect attempts. Preventing data from falling into the wrong hands.
5.    Use a third party “privacy” browser. (with password protection) Many available in App store.
6.    Don’t save or have their iPhone remember passwords, email address, login names, or any other sensitive information.
7.    Use 3rd party password protected app for SMS / text messages.
8.    Set up "Find My iPhone". This will help you locate a lost or stolen phone. With this service you can also “wipe” you phone remotely preventing evidence of your dalliances from falling into the wrong hands.
9.    Never jailbreak phone. Jailbreaking allows for malicious software to be loaded onto your phone. Possibly recording information without you knowing it.
10.    Don't let iPhone remember wireless pass codes. This information could be used to gain access to personal or company wifi networks.

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