As Media Really Matters, New Watchdog Group is Formed to Present Fact and Sensibility

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When media professionals, people of stature or education speak to us, we want to believe them. This gives those people incredible power...

When liberal globalist and billionaire George Soros announced his $1 million donation to media watchdog group, on October 20th of last year, he hit the mark in declaring what we already know all too well. Media does not just matter, Media Really Matters for a media-driven culture ( Media Really Matters is being organized as a not-for-profit media watchdog that will expose Liberal misinformation in both entertainment and news media.

In the sea of ideals that make America great, the fact that freedoms of speech and expression are as rare amongst nations as they are is often a double-edged sword for the United States of America. Yet, it is what makes the U.S. stand out from all the rest, and what makes it both the envy and the bane of so many around the world. In an effort to be the center for rational advocacy in the field of self proclaimed advocacy groups, organizations and websites, is set to have a different tone than the extreme left-wing punditry Mr. Soros supports that does little more than encourage entitlement and self-indulgence, inspire fear and hatred and demonize those whose views that are anything but left of left.

Dave McQuade, founder, believes that responsibility in media is as central to America’s national security in an increasingly unstable world, as it is to our own society where our youth are learning at younger ages than ever before that everything goes. “Perception is reality, giving media enormous influence over culture; is the conduit for speech and ideas today. That is why Media Really Matters and why we need to be judicious with what it conveys,” McQuade said.

“What we hear from the people we hire to look out for us, our laws and our nation, and from those whom we rely on to deliver both entertainment and news to us impacts just about everyone, especially in a technology-driven culture that now surrounds us 360 degrees with ubiquitous media. Messaging from pop culture, scripted production, politicians, pundits, journalists and commentators all exert as much influence in our lives, if not more, than commercials we see and hear successfully designed to sell us on products and services,” McQuade continued. “When media professionals, people of stature or education speak to us, we want to believe them. This gives those people incredible power which often is used to steer us toward an agenda rather than entertain and inform us so we can come to our own conclusions,” McQuade added.
Believing that through deliberate media messaging and calculated marketing this world has become ever increasingly consumed with materialistic pursuits, an unhealthy obsession with celebrity, and extreme sexual and personal public expression, the counter weight of was inspired to show a side of humanity’s decency that America seems to have temporarily set aside.

“There is a place for everything, and a time for everything,” McQuade said. “We do not imagine returning to some middle aged concept of repression, but we do hope that we can come to a place where we have a reality check and know that life is about much more than the things we see on screens and stages, like our children’s education, their financial futures, their abilities to parent and form meaningful relationships, to cope with real issues both at home and happening around them, or all of our desires to believe in something that has more meaning than the excesses of media that we’ve come to know.”

As an answer to the far left, which seems unbalanced within media circles, and a check to the extreme right, which often loses touch with the average American’s dreams and lifestyles, is setting out to be the true center of the political and social debate in our decidedly center-right Republic. The group that is an unabashed champion of the wholesome and good, and an undeterred advocate for the sensible, is the balance to the checks on all sides. is a non-profit organization formed because in an overwhelmingly center-right nation, that position is not reflected in most media today. Its intention is to expose misinformation, elevate the truth and promote those who are creating or contributing to outstanding entertainment and those who are effecting positive change in media. Its founder, David McQuade, was founder and chairman of Z Music Television in the 90’s, the first CCM genre music television network, and has worked extensively over 30 years as a promoter and media strategist and has served as president of several entertainment companies. From 2002 to 2006 he traveled extensively to assist widows and orphans throughout the Third World alongside humanitarian organizations to whom he’s donated time and resources.


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