Surgical Errors and Surgery Malpractice in Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices a Serious Problem According to Dr. Bruce Fagel

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Having surgery can be a stressful experience for most people. While most patients naturally experience anxiety and fear when it comes to having an operation, very likely many of them never think they will be seriously injured or die because of medical malpractice. Dr. Bruce Fagel recently discussed how medical malpractice during an operation can result in permanent and severe injuries or death.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Dr. Bruce Fagel

Hospitals and doctor’s offices can sometimes be the most dangerous places for people who need surgery.

Dr. Bruce G. Fagel whom will be speaking at the ED/OB Beta Healthcare Group Risk Symposium October 3, 2012 and the American Heart Association national meeting November 5, 2012 is a leading California medical malpractice attorney and a licensed medical doctor. His law firm, the Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates has tried and settled more medical malpractice cases for injured patients than any other law firm in California, and has obtained over one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients.

Medical malpractice, including surgery malpractice has become a major problem in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and surgical centers. In fact, a shocking article was featured in Newsweek, September 17th “Are Hospitals Less Safe Than We Think?” by Mary Makary, detailing just how dangerous hospitals have become, including revealing that one out of every five medications, tests, and procedures are unnecessary, and quoted the president of the Institute of Medicine, Harvey Fineberg, M.D. stating that 30% to 40% of our entire health care expenditure is paying for fraud and unnecessary treatment. The article also mentioned problems hospitals have with surgeons who are dangerous, whose negligence causes unnecessary injuries or death to some of their patients. “Articles like these and numerous studies have revealed that hospitals and doctor’s offices can sometimes be the most dangerous places for people who need surgery,” warns Dr. Fagel. “Surgical mistakes sometimes happen even in the best hospitals and by the most experienced surgeons. Examples include operating on the wrong side of the patient’s body, removing the wrong appendage, or accidentally perforating a vital organ which leads to a serious infection. Even if the patient’s surgery goes successfully, an anesthesia error may occur resulting in severe and permanent brain damage to the patient.”

Most people incorrectly believe that only serious operations such as those done in the emergency department can result in severe injuries to patients. Unfortunately this is not true. Thousands of people are seriously injured or die each year from non-emergency surgeries, including elective surgery such as plastic surgery or weight loss surgery. All surgery, even elective surgery carries a risk of injury from a surgical mistake.

A surgical mistake can happen for a variety of reasons such as the medical staff failing to properly communicate with each other, if the medical staff misreads the patient’s chart or x-rays, if the surgeon is overworked, stressed, or tired, or if the surgeon simply makes a technical error. If there is a shortage of medical staff, including in the emergency department, a patient who is in serious need of an operation may have to wait for an available surgeon who is in the middle of another operation or outside the facility, thereby causing the patient’s medical condition to progress to something far worse.

“Not only can hospitals be a dangerous place for patients in need of surgery, but doctor’s offices and surgical centers can be even more dangerous,” warns Dr. Fagel. “If a patient runs into a serious medical problem such as an anesthesia mistake, the doctor’s office or surgical center may not have the necessary resources as a hospital to help the patient. They may not have a board certified anesthesiologist or a staff of OR nurses or critical care nurses and the equipment in their facility to save the patient’s life. The patient may be kept waiting many agonizing minutes for an ambulance to arrive and transport him or her to the hospital. During these long minutes, the patient’s condition may deteriorate rapidly, even resulting in severe brain damage or death.” Dr. Fagel understands these consequences first hand, because not only has he practiced medical malpractice law for 30 years and handled many cases involving surgical malpractice and anesthesia malpractice, prior to becoming an attorney Dr. Fagel practiced emergency room medicine for over 10 years. “Although some hospitals and doctor’s offices have addressed medical malpractice issues and made some improvements, many others have not and this is why our law firm exists.”

About The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates
The Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel & Associates specializes in medical malpractice cases involving serious injuries to patients. Cases include medical malpractice, birth injury, cerebral palsy, surgical error, brain damage, and wrongful death. Dr. Bruce Fagel has tried and settled more medical malpractice cases on behalf of injured parties than any other attorney in California, including obtaining the largest verdict in California history, $460 million dollars. The law firm has successfully obtained over one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients.

About Dr. Bruce Fagel
Dr. Bruce Fagel is a lawyer and a licensed medical doctor, specializing in medical malpractice. Dr. Fagel practiced emergency medicine for over 10 years before becoming an attorney. This background provides Dr. Fagel with the knowledge and expertise to represent his clients against negligent doctors, nurses, and hospitals.

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