Teen Gastric Lap Band - Medical Tourism Corporation Assists 13 Year Old Get Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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Medical Tourism Corporation helps 13 years old US teen from New York Jesse Miller have a successful laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery in Mexico. Returning today from the medical trip, Jesse & his mother Silvia share their experience & thoughts on the Mexico lap band trip. Weight loss surgery for adolescents below 16 years is still not approved by the FDA in the USA.


I want Jesse to go from 320 pounds to 220 pounds in the next one year. The weight loss surgery will help him get his self esteem back and will also allow him to be more involved in school activities.

Thirteen-year-old Jesse Miller returns home today after having a gastric lap band surgery done in Tijuana, Mexico. By doing this, he becomes one of the very rare American teenagers who have undergone lap band surgery.

In the U.S., no one under 16 has had a gastric lap band. But this didn't bother Jesse's mother much about visiting Mexico for the procedure: "Most parents don't realize what their obese children go through. I was obese as a child and I know what it means. I did not want my son to suffer the same tribulations of being overweight," she says.

"Jesse weighed 320 pounds and would have gained 50 to 75 additional pounds in the next six months, and that would have affected his health a lot. If they waited to get the procedure done in the USA, they would have to go through a lengthy process of medical research that would have taken months or even years. Jesse couldn't afford to wait that long," thought Silvia, his mother.

For Jesse, cost was not the reason for going out of the country. Although, such a surgery in the U.S. would have cost them about three to four times that of what they paid in Mexico.

An entrepreneur from New York, Silvia had realized that bariatric surgery was the only option for her teenager. "They had tried all other means of weight loss including the Atkins diet, vegan diets, Weight Watchers, controlling portion sizes, etc., with only temporary success. The few pounds that were lost were gained back in no time. And this could be because Jesse may have got the obesity gene from her," believes Silvia.

Silvia herself had undergone the gastric lap band surgery in 2003. The procedure, done in a New York Hospital, changed her life for the better. She says she went from an unmanageable 240 pounds, to an incredible 170 pounds after the surgery. Post-surgery, she formulated and launched her own line of gastric bypass supplements, which are now recommended by a number of top bariatric surgeons.

Dr. Christine Ren, Associate Professor of Surgery at NYU School of Medicine, and a leading lap band surgeon in the United States, suggested Jesse consider the gastric lap band procedure in Mexico. Silvia and her husband did not delay any more, despite many people, including friends and family, calling her crazy. Even up to the last moment before boarding the airplane, relatives, friends, and acquaintances told her not to proceed. But Silvia knew surgeons and medical professionals in Mexico. Hence, she was very confident of the quality of medical care in Mexico.

It was smooth sailing from then on, thanks to Medical Tourism, Silvia says. "Medical Tourism Corporation did a very good job in terms of facilitating the trip. The communication was fast and clear. There were no surprises. Special needs for the teen lap band surgery were handled very well."

'The private suite at Hospital Angeles, Tijuana is beautiful; it looks like a hotel and the people there are wonderful. Also, Dr. Lopez Corvala and his team are excellent, and they by far exceeded my expectations,' she says. Silvia, her husband, and their 14-month old second child accompanied Jesse to Mexico for the operation. The Hospital is about 15 minutes drive from the U.S.-Mexico border. More than 50% of the weight loss patients here are from the U.S.. Most patients fly to the San Diego, Calif. airport and drive down to the hospital.

The surgery is over now, and Jesse says, "I am doing perfectly well; it went better than I expected." Comparing her own lap band experience in the U.S. to that of her teen son's in Mexico, Silvia says, "The hospital in Mexico had far better service, better patient rooms, and overall the hospital was nicer. Also, Jesse had far less pain than she had during her lap band experience in the U.S."

Silvia is full of hope for young Jesse. "I want Jesse to go from 320 pounds to 220 pounds in the next one year. The weight loss surgery will help him get his self esteem back and will also allow him to be more involved in school activities."

"Gastric lap band for teens is a great option and I would encourage other parents, who are unable to find a non-surgical solution to their obese teenagers' weight problem, to go for it as it would be a life-changing experience. It will help their children regain confidence, health, and high self-image," Silvia continued.

The Medical Tourism Corporation works with a number of top hospitals and doctors around the world facilitating many different type of medical treatments, including bariatrics, orthopedics, general surgery, cardiology, neurosurgery and more. The medical tourism company facilitates lap band in Belgium, Mexico, Costa Rica, India and Thailand.


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