Important Travel Safety Tips From Travelers Trust

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Leading travel insurance company says that safety is one of the most important elements of successful and enjoyable international travel.

Safety is one of the most important elements of successful and enjoyable international travel

With the holiday season already upon us, many people are making (or have already made) extensive travel plans. Travelers Trust strongly recommends that, in addition to heeding several basic travel safety tips, travelers take under advisement any Travel Warnings issued by their home country's State or Foreign Affairs Department. Be sure to check the appropriate government website.

When making travel plans, one of the most prudent and economical travel safety tips that can be given is to do a little homework about the destination(s) before ever arriving. Be familiar with any health or safety risks that might present themselves in the travel area. For example, specific vaccinations may be recommended for particular regions. And, though it may seem to be a terrible cliché, Travelers Trust strongly suggests that tap water cleanliness also not be taken for granted. Water purification systems and facilities are not the same the world over and, if not careful, an inordinate amount of vacation time could be spent in the 'little boys' (or little girls') room' - or worse, in a local hospital.

Continuing on, be aware of the destination's local crime rate. Regardless of whether that rate is high or low, take a few wise precautions to minimize the chances of becoming a 'tourist victim.' Avoid being too conspicuous by wearing ostentatious clothing or jewelry, and don't flash around lots of cash - inquisitive eyes may be taking notice. Preferably, don't carry large amounts of cash at all. Also, keep all packages, handbags, luggage, etc., under personal watch at all times. Never leave them unattended, even for a minute or two.

Another very important travel safety tip to consider: travelers should keep a list of any suffered ailments on their person at all times when traveling abroad, as well as a personal physician's contact information. Also keep a copy of all medical prescriptions, doctor notes and other pertinent data handy, too - especially when going through customs. If accident or illness strikes while traveling, the traveler's home-country Embassy can be a tremendous aid. They will be able to identify and provide directions to local doctors and hospitals, and can also contact family members or friends back home if the situation warrants.

Although international travel can be fun and very exciting, Travelers Trust's parent company, Legend Travelers, advises that it can also be hazardous if the risks to property, health and life are not taken seriously. Remember, the most effective travel safety tips are usually preventative in nature. Enjoy and be safe!

About the company:
Legend Travelers is an industry-leading international travel insurance company with clients in over 100 countries. More than 60 percent of its customers are U.S. citizens who travel abroad. The company offers the convenience of buying travel insurance coverage prior to beginning a trip or purchasing it after travel has already begun.


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